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Oh Fall TV, how I’ve missed ye September 28, 2007

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As many of you may or may not know, I’m obsessed with fall tv. I love love love me the moment when all the shows wake up from their summer slumber and give me new and exciting stories. I usually don’t watch many of the new shows mainly becuase they…um…what’s the word…suck! But this season there are a couple of newbies that I quite enjoyed.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

CHUCK (NBC, 8-9pm)
Starring the ADORABLE Zach Levi this is kind of a “nerd accidentally becomes a super agent” comedy. I thought it was surprisingly funny and will lend itself to many “oh that crazy Chuck” moments later on in the season. I was THRILLED to see Sarah Lancaster cast as Chuck’s sister. I adored her on “What About Brian” and think she is v. charismatic and beautiful! Trivia: She starred on “Saved By the Bell: The New Class.” I was also a fan of Yvonne Strz…something Polish or German. She plays Chuck’s love interest and CIA Agent. Check this show out!

PRISON BREAK (Fox, 8-9pm)
Last season was the first season that I watched this and they had already broken out of prison at that point….so they really shouldn’t have called it “Prison Break.” Why not change the name to “Prison Broke?” Anyway, this season Michael is back in Prison and surprise surprise–Mahone, T-Bag, and Bellick are there! In order to save Sara and LJ, Michael has to break some guy out of the prison but no one has ever broken out..and blah blah blah. So far I haven’t been blown away by this season but I’m sure things will get better. It has been rumored that this is the last season (planned that way) and if that’s true than maybe Wentworth Miller will finally come out.

HEROES (NBC, 9-10pm)
Everyone loooooves Heroes and I love it too but wasn’t getting too crazy about the new episodes. And rightfully so. The Heroes premiere was just okay. Nothing amazing revealed although it was kind of funny that Hiro’s hero was a drunk Brit and not the Japanese samuri that he thought he would be. And is it just me or is anyone else bugged by Hayden Paniteiere? Ever since Hollywood has started licking her ass and telling her she’s the most amazing thing I’ve been a little “eh” about her. I’m just counting the minutes until Kristen Bell starts on the show. I LOVE her!


The only show that I watched on Tuesday was REAPER on the CW. Starring the insanely adorable Brett Harrison (someone actually compared me to him last night) this show is about a kid who’s parents sold his soul to the devil in order to cure the mom from cancer. It was surprisingly funny and made me laugh out loud a few times. The best friend (typical over the top Jack Black type) was the biggest shocker of all–he was funny!! It’ll be interesting to see where this show goes.


Yes ladies and gentlemen, Tyra ain’t giving up. So far, no one completely out of the ordinary or amazing on this cycle. Salisha (typical gorgeous black girl) and Janet (or is it Leah? I don’t remember) is my other fave. Tyra FINALLY has gotten rid of the horrible pirate bandanas that she sported last season and so far the challenges and photo shoots have been acceptable. I think this might be a great season, after the trashtastic season we had last year.

GOSSIP GIRL (CW, 9-10pm)
Essentially this show is “THE OC” meeting the Upper East Side (hey! I live there!) But the show’s fun, sexy, witty, and full of fashion and pretty kids. Blake Lively (Sisterhood of Traveling pants) is the perfect lead for the show and Penn Badgley (John Tucker Must Die) is adorable as the nerdy but cute Dan. The one thing that I’m not loving on is the parents–am I the only one that has never liked Kelly Rutherford? Leighton Meester, while another Rachel Bilson in the making, is one to watch. She’s going to be big one day.

The Grey’s Anatomy Spin-off that everyone was waiting for and that, surprisingly, everyone watched (P.P. beat NBC’s much touted BIONIC WOMAN in the ratings) just didn’t cut it for me. I loved Kate Walsh on Grey’s but here, it just seems forced. Which isn’t to say it’s a great cast and they might find their footing soon. But it could very well turn out to be another “Joey.” Amy Breneman and Paul Adelstein were fighting constantly so you know that they’re going to end up together down the road. (AB was funny and looked really pretty, Paul is soo hot–and used to be on Prison Break!). Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald were fighting constantly so you know they’re going to end up back together, despite the fact that they are ex’s. (Taye is kind of the kiss of death for sitcoms, having been on three failed ones and Audra is a good actress but belongs on the stage). Kate Walsh is great but I prefer her on Grey’s and Tim Daly is just getting old. This show…eh. I would be surprised if it lasts the whole season.

There have been ads for this show ALL over the city but I am telling you–THIS. IS. THE. SHOW. TO. WATCH. Dirty…sexy…and funny! Peter Krause, who I’ve never loved, is great on here. Seth Gabel, Samiere Armstrong–great as the young spoiled twins. My favorite is probably Natalie Zea as the ditzy and ridiculous Karen Darling. She had me cracking up the whole time. “I’ve had A scotch. One.” Please do yourself a favor and check this show out. It’s great.


JAM. That’s all I have to say. JAM. So so happy. This premiere had me laughing the whole time and I watched the part where Meredith got hit by the car over and over again. SO great. I’m really glad that they’ve finally found a good place for Andy. He really bugged me last season but they have worked on the character and ever since he’s been back from anger management I haven’t minded him as much. Angela was hilarious (mom…please don’t put my kittens in the freezer) and the Fun Run was good stuff. I am SO happy this show is back!

This show is great but I don’t have much to say on it. It’s cute, but not as earth shattering or ground breaking as everyone thinks it is. I love Justin and Mark and I thought that the fat Amanda was funny. Meh.

I love me some Grey’s! Happy that Burke is gone. Like the struggle with George and the Interns but I’m really anxious for happy George again. I’m nervous to see how they handle the Izzie/George/Callie love triangle. I like that McSteamy and McDreamy are going to be friends again. I love Baily. I like Meredith’s sister but am wondering how long it’ll be before they start incorporating all the other interns in the regular stories. How many characters do we have to learn?! It’ll be interesting to see where this show goes this season.

So that’s what I’ve watched so far. I’m also planning on Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Pushieng Daisies. What shows are you looking forward to?

Thoughts on Fall TV September 27, 2007

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Okay everyone–check back here tomorrow to see my thoughts on all the new and returning shows that I watched.

I know you’ll be waiting with breath that is bated.

New York baby! September 24, 2007

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Hey everyone!

So after a long break from the Blogger, I’m back! Let me catch you up to speed on what has been going on.

So after a long summer in Ohio, I came out to New York to interview over Labor Day weekend with a few different companies. After my trip I decided that I would move here without a job as many, many people had told me that it’s much easier to get a job once you live here. So I finished up at Smith and Wollensky, packed a few suitcases, and here I am. I’m staying with my friend Nate on the UES and it has been a whirlwind few days.

BUT the big news of this post is….

I was walking home from an interview today and I was on 49th street across from Rockerfeller Plaza and I saw them filming the Sex and the City movie!!!

It was across the street but felt really close! Going to see Hair in the park with Spencer tonight. I’ll definately try and post more!!