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Oops…did it again October 31, 2007

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I can’t beleive I left out the best costume I’ve ever had…

Miss Carrie Bradshaw

Add a pink fedora, some pearls, longer hair, and a man’s build and you’ve got my costume. Brill.

And apparently the pumpkin isn’t showing up so here you go again.


This is Halloween…. October 31, 2007

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Happy Halloween everybody!

I think that this year, for the first time ever, I’m not dressing up for Halloween. I don’t know why, there’s just nothing that has struck me as being super fun…or really anything I can afford. In the past, I’ve had many fun costumes including…..

A Mad Scientist

This person is not me.

…a dead football player

As before…this person is not me.

…Angel from “Rent”

Again…not me.

The Joker….

You guessed it….that’s not me.

…Britney Spears

That is me.

And beleive it or not….one year I went as…..a clown.

Oh mah lord they are scary.

So I’ve had some fun costumes over the years and love that Halloween is the holiday of candy. I’m also including a picture of J and my’s pumpkin. It was a Pac-Man pumpkin and it was BRILLiant.

You don’t get the full effect but it went Pac-Man…dot..dot…Ghost….dot..dot…cherry. SO cute.

Have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween everyone!

I Am a Catholic. October 30, 2007

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See that guy right there? His name is Andrew Call and he is soooo my boyfriend. 🙂 So I’m housesitting for Anthony Rapp and his three cats (and yes, three cats does a cat lady make) and his loft is big and cold and kind of lonely. I didn’t really feel like going home last night so Spencer and I got tickets to see Altar Boyz. AB is about a Catholic Boy Band in their final performance doing their best to save all of the souls in the audience. Since I grew up Catholic, it hits close to home but I think it’s funny for those who don’t know much about the Catholic religion too. Our cast included:
Chad Doreck who played Matthew, the leader of the Altar Boyz. The “Justin Timberlake” character if you will. Homeboy can’t really act and he’s not the best singer I’ve ever heard but he sure is a pretty face…..

Ryan Ratliff as the adorable and flamey choir boy Mark, or the “Lance Bass” character. Ryan was hilarious and completely stunning vocally.

Jay Garcia, as Juan (Second from left). The least interesting part on the cast recording (in my opinion) Jay brought Juan to life and was hilarious. I can’t get his “we’re going to sing for ju today” out of my head.

Ryan Strand, as Abraham, the only Jewish member of the Altar Boyz. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ryan–he had a great voice but didn’t connect with the audience very well.

and finally…

my BOYFRIEND Andrew Call.

This photo doesn’t do him justice….at all….it makes him look like an elf a little bit. But Andrew was SO great…giving thug boy Luke a heart. He’s a great dancer, has a wonderful voice, and really was connected emotionally to Luke. He was standing by us during the final song and was crying real tears…I wish I could do that…that would so come in handy…
At any rate, Altar Boyz is wonderful and you should go see it, Catholic or not!

Two posts in one day?! Scandal! October 26, 2007

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It’s true, I’m back. And be grateful because blogging on blogger is a bitch. I’m surprised at how “non-computer friendly” I am sometimes. At any rate, Spencer posted his top 10 shows of the season and while I posted what I was watching, how are you to know what my favorites are? So without further ado….

..and yes, there are not 10. There are 15. I didn’t want to leave some out and then I was like “well thirteen is a lame number, why not just make it fifteen.” So there you have it.

15. Pushing Daisies
Yes, I am aware that everyone is raving about this show. And I don’t know if I’m watching it because I like it or because I feel like I “should” like it. While, yes, visually the show is stunning, I just don’t feel myself being pulled into the show. I am excited about exploring the depth of the Pie-Maker and Charlie’s relationship but am having a hard time caring about any of the characters, even the amazing Kristen Chenoweth’s jealous sex-pot Olive. I’m not giving up just yet but we’ll see if I make it to the end of the season with this one.

14. The Hills

OMG you guys! Sometimes when I’m watching this show I’m like “WTF” but then deep down I realize I luv it. I mean, it’s like, totally crazy and like, totally fake but if someone calls during the show I have to be, like “BRB” cuz I totally cannot talk right now. My favorites are Lo and Whitney–I LOL at them all the time. When Lo was making fun of Justin Bobby I was totally ROFL. I love this show!

13. Private Practice

My favorite thing about this picture is how BADLY Audra McDonald is photoshopped in. They can’t do any better? It’s ABC for Frak’s sake! Anyway….this is another show I’m still on the fence with. It is growing on me though and last week’s episode was by far the best this season. I feel like often times they’re trying too hard to be “quirky.” Addison can be goofy but did we really see that side to her when she was at Seattle Grace? The show also tries too hard to touch you deep down inside. It comes very naturally to Grey’s but with PP it’s kind of force fed to you. Amy Beneman and Paul Adelstein shine as Cooper and Violet, so if anything watch for them.

12. Reaper

This show stars the INSANELY cute Bret Harrison and is a fun one to pass the time with. The business with the best friend and the devil is fun but I’m really annoyed with Missy Peregrym who I just found out was in both Heroes AND the movie “Stick It.” I’m surprised with how much work she’s done because she’s a reeeally bad actress. But Bret manages to be shirtless every episode (if you think I’m kidding…) so I’ll keep watching it just for that. Plus, what else is on Tuesday’s? Exactly.

11. Heroes
Yes, even if the amazingly talented, beautiful, and funny Kristen Bell wasn’t on this show I would still watch it but in its Sophomore season it has drastically gone downhill. I’m REALLY over the whole “Masi Oka (why do I always forget his character’s name?) in Japan thing…(oh wait, it’s Hiro, like Heroes….nice), and we’ve hardly seen anything from Nikki/Jessica, Nathan, or Claire (well we’ve seen a little from her but not enough). Something though, is seriously Mo-Hindering my enjoyment of this show and I’ll let you figure out what it is….

10. Ugly Betty
Another Sophomore show that has lost a little steam, Ugly Betty is still an enjoyable show mainly because of the insanely talented America Ferrera. And I totally have a crush on Henry. So if he wants to dump his wife and call me….I’m just sayin…I’m just puttin it out there…
9. Chuck

I’m still loving Chuck, and Zachary Levi is still frakkin adorable. I feel like this show sometimes loses focus and direction….or maybe that’s just me. Combined with Heroes and Prison Break, this show definitely contributes to a great Monday night of TV.

8. Brothers and Sisters

I still really love Brothers and Sisters. I finally am okay with Sally Field’s Nora–last year she really just got to me. I love Emily VanCamp as Rebecca and HUZZAH–Julia’s gone! Joe’s gone! Are they finally listening to my suggestions? If they are….Don’t make Kitty pregnant!

7. Dirty Sexy Money

What can I say about this show except that it’s still Dirty….still Sexy….and still Funny. If you’re not watching it…you should be.

6. I love New York 2

I know what you’re possibly thinking….yes Spencer I’m talking to you…but I’m TELLING you this show is great. Hilarious, trashy, fabulous, everything you’d think and hope it could/would be. I don’t know that I would classify New York as a star but you can’t deny that on this show she’s got some star potential. Yes, this show is high on my list but yes….it’s fun as a motha.

5. Desperate Housewives
After a disasterous Season 2, I actually thought that Season 3 brought the funny back. If it’s possible, Season 4 is even better. Edie didn’t kill herself but MAN is she being a bitch. Gaby is slutty as ever, Susan is stupid as ever and Bree is perfect as ever, and Lynette’s life is complicated as ever. But the show is great. My one complaint is Mike. He’s just boring and uninteresting. After he was revealed to be a good guy….he just got boring. But the show is something to stick with as it’s still hot as ever.

4. America’s Next Top Model
Another season and this show would be higher on the list. While much better than last season’s disasterous “trash-tastic” season it still doesn’t recall the glory of season’s past. One of my favorites, Janet, is already gone. Rumor has it that Saleishia is going to win and I’d be okay with that because she’s another of my faves. I think that the challenges are better than ever but the girls the past couple of seasons have just been lacking. Hopefully things will pick up soon and the drama will continue!!

3. Gossip Girl
Hello Upper East Siders,
Seriously ya’ll, this show is off the HIZZLE! It is juicy and sassy and scandalous and amazing and fun and silly and smart….okay…it’s not smart…but it awesome! This show should not be missed. It’s like the OC on crack…and speed. Watch and learn my babies.
You know you love me.

2. Grey’s Anatomy
Oh T.R….oh my T.R……I had a “dream” about T.R. last year and ever since then he is totally my boyfriend…he will be mine one day. Just like Jake G., he will be mine. There’s something about his smile and his eyes and his…sigh…Oh yeah, and Grey’s is really great this year too, blah blah blah.
1. The Office

The Office has had four hour long episodes and I’m glad that we’re back to the hour long format. This show is hilarious and better than ever. It’s the one show where, even if it has an off week, I’m consistantly laughing out loud. LOL, if you will. JAM is awesome, Kelly is awesome, I love anything they do with Meredith or Phyillis, Stanley can always make me laugh, Angela is on more and is hilarious, it’s just a great show. So if you’re not watching, for whatever reason, you need to fix your tv schedule and watch!

So there you have it folks–the episodes that I waste my time with. If you can beleive it, there are shows I watch that I left off the top 15 (Survivor, Prison Break, etc). I really need to find a job where I can get paid to watch tv for a living….

I’m Mrs. "Oh my God that Britney’s shameless" October 26, 2007

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Bad blogger, bad bad blogger I confess it has been quite some time since we’ve seen each other friends. And for that, I’m sorry. But good news! I plan on being back and being better than ever. So no worries there.

I’m currently in my fifth week in the City known as New York and things are going great. I’ve got a job, friends, a new boy–I feel very lucky and blessed to have experienced what I’ve experienced in the time I’ve been here. Last week I even won $180 bucks playing gay/drag queen bingo. Gotta love that!

No, this is not the actual drag queens we played with. I have no idea who that person is in the middle. Just FYI.

Tuesday Spencer, Lorissa and I went and saw Spring Awakening.

Long story short, the show was phenomenal. The songs that I’ve been listening to for the past (almost) year made so much more sense and blah blah blah. The music that I was “so-so” about on the album was much better live but I must confess to not loving the story that much. I had some problems with the relationships that they portrayed, mostly the gay one. I felt like they used it for comedic effect as opposed to actually exploring the depth of it…but it wasn’t something I lost sleep over.

In other news, the new Britney Spears album was leaked on Monday and it is aMAzing!

Look….I know my girl has been a little…”Off” lately…but the album is seriously great. My favorites so far are “Piece of Me” in which Brit-Brit “sings” about how the paparazzi just won’t leave her alone; “Heaven on Earth”-a very 80’s sounding breathy dance track and “Hot as Ice,” a song I hated when I first heard it but has since grown to be one of my favorites. Say what you want about Britney, but the girl knows how to produce a dance-heavy and guilty pleasure-ridden album.

I’ve seen a few “celebrities” while being here in New York. By “celebrities” I do mean a slew of D-List people that not many people will know about. The big one that I’m supposed to be proud of seeing is Mario Batali. Apparently he’s a cook…or something.

Walking in the East Village I saw Daniel Vosovic from Season 2 of Project Runway.
At the Broadway Piano Bar Marie’s Crises I saw Season 3 Project Runway loser Malan Benton

Waiting for an interview I saw Britney Spears’ old Manny Perry Tyler.

Catching the Shuttle to Grand Central I
saw the current Mark in “Rent”–Matt Caplan.
You can also catch him in “Across the Universe.”

So like I said, it has been completely D-List….but I recognize them and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Things are going great and I can’t wait to have a place of my own. I move out of Nate’s on Sunday (he has been so amazing) and move into A. Rapp’s for the month of November. I’ll be house-sitting and taking care of his cats for the month while I look for a place. Can I just tell you how much I miss my OWN kittens? Carrie and Mr. Big are surely very lonely without me.

Well I promise to be in touch more often. Til then!

Gossip Boy