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It’s the Transylvania Mania…. December 31, 2007

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Saturday I was lucky enough to enjoy a matinee of “Young Frankenstein” at the Hilton Theatre. I won the ticket on Ebay and was delighted to find that it was indeed in the fourth row, but far left. It wasn’t obstructed viewing but it was as far left as you could go. During the overture I moved to the third row left and then at intermission I moved to second row center! It was lovely to know that I paid about 300 bucks less than the people surrounding me…gives you a great feeling!

So the show. I haven’t been a big fan of Mel Brooks because I feel like he is SO overhyped. Which he is! Everyone raves at how hilARious he is. YF is funny, I laughed a lot. A lot of things also went over my head. I didn’t get why people were laughing at certain points…I didn’t get why they WEREN’T laughing at other points. I understand it’s a musical adaptation of the movie and maybe because I don’t know the movie I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should but I thought the show was just so-so. What did surprise me is how much I’ve been listening to the cast recording since the show. I picked out only a few fun songs when I saw it but since then I have been enjoying a lot more. I wonder how a second viewing of the musical would go, if I would enjoy it even more the next time around. I feel blessed that I was able to see the original cast. I would have been pissed if someone was out.

Rogert Bart played Fredrick Frankenstein, I’m sorry…FrankenSTEIN. While at times I felt like Fredrick was all over the place, I was pleasantly surprised at his performance. His voice was very strong and he had subtle moments that I thought were great. I still have a hard time believing that he’s straight though….apparently he’s dating his co-star…

…the amazing Sutton Foster, as Inga.

Honestly her voice makes me feel things deep inside. And this show she was no exception. Like most characters in this show, she was completely underwritten and underused vocally but her stage presence made up for the fact that she only has two songs in the show. What I love about Sutton is how much of a triple threat she is. She has an incredible range, can dance her ass off, and is a great actress. Already since 2002 she has had leading roles in four musicals. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Another actress that was underused in this musical was

Megan Mullally as Elizabeth. I think she is who I was most excited to see, mainly because I’m a big homo and love Will and Grace. Megan’s character essentially is exactly like Karen Walker but that was fine with me because she was hilarious! SO funny. What I didn’t expect was how amazing her voice was. I knew that she was vocally trained but didn’t know that she had that kind of range on her. She blew me away!

Andrea Martin and Christopher Fitzgerald also gave memorable performances as Frau Bucher (NEIGH!) and Igor (Igor).

All in all, a very fun show and great performances. Seeing “Xanadu” on Wednesday and I could NOT be more excited!!

Happy New Year everyone.

They say the neon lights are bright… December 27, 2007

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OMG, OMG you guys. Having a credit card is NOT a good thing for me. As the majority of readers know, I love me some Broadway. I’m a total homo in that sense. Back in 1996 “Rent” really jump started my interest but as the years have passed I have found myself more and more enthralled with the Broadway season–it’s one of the things that prompted my move to New York. Just the chance to be amid that energy and excitement of live theater…you can’t pass that up! While I may not be acting in theater currently, that does not mean I still can’t enjoy it. And enjoy it I have!! As posted on here, I saw “Rent” back in September, and “Spring Awakening” and “Altar Boyz” back in October. November was a slow month (financially and theater-wise) but December…oh December…..

Last Saturday Page Six and I decided to try and do the lottery to win $25 front row tickets to “The Drowsy Chaperone.” “Drowsy” is closing December 30th and I had heard fun things about the show so I wanted to do what I could to try and see it. Well we won the lottery and the show is adorable.

I was surprised at how many of the original cast were in the show over a year and a half later. Bob Saget was playing the narrator “Man in Chair” so that was kind of fun, even if he wasn’t very good. The whole first five minutes I kept whispering “Danny Tanner!” to Page Six. Cindy Williams (of Laverne and Shirley fame) also was in the show…but she also kinda blew. Beth Leavel as The Chaperone and Danny Burstein as Adolpho were the stand-outs in my (and the audiences’) opinion. Being that we were in the front row, we had the opportunity to make eye contact with many cast members and Beth Leavel seemed to take a liking to me. Anyone who has sat in the front row knows this is a fun experience. DC Doug still talks about how exciting it was when Gary Coleman made eyes at him during “Avenue Q!”

On a high from my “Drowsy” experience I decided to big on Ebay for a “Young Frankenstein” ticket. YF is totally the hot ticket in town right now and with the cast it has, how could it not?

I immediately wrote it off as it was a Mel Brooks show (I’m not the biggest Mel Brooks fan) but when I saw that it had Roger Bart, Sutton Foster, Megan Mullally, Andrea Martin, and Chris Fitzgerald in it…well…my opinion on wanting to see it changed completely. I won the bid and on Saturday will be sitting fourth row for the matinee. I just pray that Megan isn’t out…I would be v. v. disappointed if I didn’t see her as Page Six saw the show last week and raved about her.

And finally, “Xanadu.” I had been wanting to check out this cast album as I heard many good things about the show. Page Six got me the album for Christmas and it is aMAHzing! Kerry Butler is hilarious and Kira and Cheyanne Jackson’s voice makes me tremble a bit. Even Jackie Hoffman, who’s comedy I love but voice grates, is great on this album. Page Six suggested we see it, I checked out the prices and….next Wednesday we’ll be sitting ON STAGE viewing the show.

I’m a little nervous about the viewing lines and missing some of the facial expressions I’ve heard are so great, but I’ve also heard from various people that seeing the show on stage is the only way. I’m really looking forward to seeing this show and ready for a great laugh.

Speaking of laughing, I’ve been treated to a lot of it lately and am always happy to welcome that into my life.

So yes, I’m on a big Broadway kick and can’t wait to see/afford more. Even though I’ve heard bad things, I’m GOING to see “The Little Mermaid.” I can’t wait!!!

My Christmas was nice, I headed out to CT with BFF to spend the day with his family. While not a relaxing day by any means, it was a blast and I had a great, great time. While ya’ll know I hate kids, I’m a little bit in love with his nephew. He’s quite possibly the cutest thing um….ever?!?! Work has been slow all week but I’m looking forward to an exciting opportunity next week. Until next time bitches!!

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist December 21, 2007

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Happy Holidays everyone! Can’t you just feel the excitment in the air? The Christmas bonuses everyone ELSE is getting, the hustle and bustle/insanity of shopping tourists on 5th Avenue, and the jingle bells from the homeless Santa’s on every corner. *Breathes Deeps* ah…I just love it! I also love Christmas songs and since 2002 have made a holiday cd every year. Some have been better than others (2004 and 2006 were very strong years in my memory) but they’ve always been very “Brian-esque.” I’ve decided to share some of my favorite songs with you in hopes that you will add them to your Christmas playlists and spread the cheer because let’s face it–we could all use a little more “cheer” in our lives. And by “cheer” I mean Jake Gyllenhaal.

Brian’s Christmas Playlist Suggestions:

O Holy Night–Kelly Clarkson

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas– I think that this is my favorite Christmas song and there have been many amazing versions. My favorite is Tori Amos’ but I feel that Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra’s versions are the saddest. It’s really a sad song when you think about it. For a more “upbeat” version, check out Ella Fitzgerald’s.

Do They Know It’s Christmas–Band Aid

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen–Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McGlauhlin

Santa Can You Hear Me–Britney Spears I know the stigma that is associated with the “Spears” last name lately but this is actually a very good Christmas song. Very fun!

Frosty the Snowman–Fiona Apple

Jolly Old St.Nicholas–Cast of Hairspray 2002 Every year, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS puts together a compilition of both original Christmas songs and new Christmas songs sung by Broadway actors and casts. I have found some amazing gems on these cds and the proceeds go towards a great cause. This song by Hairspray is one of my faves. You can buy the cd’s at Amazon.com and many other sites.

Maybe This Christmas–Ron Sexsmith

Silent Night–Cast of RENT, 2000

Do You Hear What I Hear–Linda Eder I actually used to really hate this song. I remember being in church when I was little and a woman that I couldn’t stand would always lead the song. Cut to years later and I’m singing song in a Christmas revue for Desert Star Theater with Brooklynn Pulver singing the lead. It was this version that we sang and ever since then, it has been one of my favorites. The way they break it down in the end….you know I love me some choirs breakin it down. Miss Whitney Houston also does a version of this that is diva-worthy.

All I Want For Christmas Is You–Mariah Carey You know you love this song.

Mama It’s Cold Outside–Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong An honorable mention goes out to Alan Cumming and Liza Minelli who do a hilarious version of this song on a Broadway Cares Christmas cd (2005 I beleive?)

Let It Snow–Michael Buble

We Need a Little Christmas–Patrick Wilson (Broadway Cares 2002)

Happy Holidays–NSYNC

War is Over (Happy Xmas)–John Lennon and Yoko Ono I also really like Sarah McGlauglin’s version

Christmas Wrapping–Cast of Wicked 2005

Theme From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation–This is one of the greatest Christmas movie’s ever!

Little St. Nick–Beach Boys

Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy–Anthony Rapp and Everett Bradley I have no idea who Everett Bradley is but the version of this is so beautiful and Anthony’s voice fits so perfectly with this song. My favorite is how it starts so silent and then just builds…it’s amazing!

Grown Up Christmas List–Kelly Clarkson

Jingle Bells–Barbara Streisand This version is hilarious and reminds me of Eric VanTielen doing his impression of Barbara singing this song and it makes me laugh and laugh! It’s just a very fun holiday song.

Sleigh Ride–The Carpenters

Up On the House Top–Jackson 5

Hawaiian Christmas Song–Bing Crosby

Wonderful Christmas Time–Paul McCartney

Where Are You Christmas–Faith Hill

River–Sarah McGlauhlin

Winter Wonderland–Jason Mraz

Santa Baby–There are also many versions of this song and I think my personal favorite is the version that Jane Krakowski sings on the Broadway Cares cd. Madonna also does a fun version and I’ve heard a version by Jessica Simpson that I didn’t hate.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer–Alvin and the Chipmunks

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire–Christina Aguilera

Santa Claus is Coming to Town–Bruce Springsteen

Joy to the World–Aretha Franklin

So that’s what I have to offer! I’d love to know what some of your favorite Christmas songs are. Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday to you…. December 19, 2007

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I would like to wish my lover, my boyfriend, and my best friend….and happy 27th birthday. May we share many more birthday’s together, Jake!

Le Sigh…..

I wanna be a supermodel December 18, 2007

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Last night BFF, Page Six, He Who shall Not be Named and I had ourselves a little date! We went and had some West Side Sushi and then headed to Posh for a few drinks. This is how you know I have no luck–He Who Shall Not Be Named bought the first round of drinks and then I headed up to the bar for the second round. No sooner had I set the drinks down on the table did someone (the owner?) grab the mic and say “happy holidays everyone! Open bar!” Sonofa—!!! Whatever. Screw Posh. I knew there was a reason that I don’t go there often! We didn’t get to enjoy open bar long enough though as we had previous engagements we needed to get to.

As we were walking from the bar to these previous engagements, we walked past a girl who had her hair pulled back and headphones on. I thought she looked familiar and I said “omg, is that Mila from Top Model?”! and sho nuf, it was. It was funny because she turned around and I went to go say hi to her and I was like “I loved you! I thought you went home way too soon, way too soon! You went home way too soon!” (leave me alone, I had some drinks in me). She was really cute and was like “I heard you say my name through my music!” Let’s be honest, she was the first first girl who went home this past season and I’m sure she’s just excited to have anyone recognize her. I know I would be!

After our E list celebrity sighting we bid adieu to Page Six and went to the show we had been waiting for, the workshop version of Anthony Rapp’s one-man show. It was a one man show based on the book he had written, detailing his time in RENT and the loss of his mother to cancer during this time.

The book is phenomenal and a must-read if you like RENT even a little bit. Or if you just want to read a good, heart-breaking book. The show was a mix of exerpts from his book, songs from his album and RENT, and various other songs. I had tears streaming down my face the entire show, going into Ugly Cry a few times. The craziest part was that we were sat behind Michael Grief, the director of RENT (musical, not the movie). Obviously he was close with Jonathan and so it was surreal hearing the story of what happened and having one of the people Anthony was talking about right in front of us.
Oh–and the best part? When they showed us to our seats, there were signs on them that said “reserved for Bahr.” I’m TOTALLY a VIP.

It just gets better….. December 17, 2007

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Hey everyone, see my new friend up there? His name is Brandon. Brandon the Bed Bug. And apparently, he LIVES IN MY NEW APARTMENT!!!!! Story time.

Saturday Big Poppa and I safely arrived in the city with my stuff and cats. I had been sick on Thursday and Friday so was still feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday but was plugging along. Our trip was uneventful and we got along really great. If you know the relationship between my father and I, you know that this is a rarity. Carry up eighty boxes to my new room, blah blah blah, cut to Saturday night. We’re drinking beer, building my computer desk, and there’s a knock on the door. It’s our new neighbor, coming over to introduce himself. How nice! Oh wait, NOT NICE. He informs us that he’s moving out because the building has an infestation with bed bugs, that they’ve exterminated twenty times with no relief, so on and so on. The worst part is that his mom was there and she kept saying “you know what you do? You pray about it. Pray about it! PRAY!!!” Listen Sister Mary Clarence, clearly the praying has not helped your homosexual son so give it up. He’s still got bed bugs. And bad, greasy hair.

The good news: Bed bugs are mostly transferred through clothing and bedding. We haven’t seen one yet, dead or alive.
Bad news: They can travel through cracks in walls and are one of the hardest pests to exterminate. WONDERFUL!!!!
The neighbor was seriously a buzzkill. Way to take the fun out of our moving day! I hope that things will work out and that we’ll be bed bug free but there’s never any guarantees when you’re living in New York! Every time I itch now…..I think it’s a frakkin bed bug. FRAK!

I had fondue last night. While delicious, I feel like I gained about four thousand pounds. Cheese and Bread? REALLY? How much unhealthier can you get?!?!

I have my cats again. Carrie and Big are home with their father. And Carrie has already tried to commit suicide by jumping out the window. Maybe I should dangle her out the window like Michael Jackson did to Blanket to show her that it’s not fun to fall three stories. Hmm….

So you’ve had a bad day…. December 11, 2007

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Holy Umbrella ella ella Batman, sometimes Rainy Days and Monday’s really DO suck!! After getting stuck in the rain Sunday night, it continued to rain and mist and just be gross on Monday and that should have been a clear sign of how my day was going to be. Things started at 3am when Anthony Rapp’s cats, Emma and Spike, decided to have a fight around me while I slept on the couch. This led to Emma running and jumping on my head, scratching the hell out of it. At 3am. I woke up seriously late but had a new outfit to wear so I thought that at the very least I would look cute. I put on the pants…..and they were like skinny jeans but in trouser material. I was running so late though, I didn’t have time to take them off and start my outfit from scratch! They sort of looked like this:

Now yes, that’s an exaggerated version but they looked absolutely ridiculous on me. I get to work and it was just a typical Monday at work–everyone needed something and they needed it RIGHT NOW. My shoulder has been out of whack for the past week and I was stretching it around 10am and did SOMETHING to my back while stretching my shoulder and it was not a good feeling. So not only am I wearing riding pants, but my back is messed up, my shoulder is messed up, and I’m getting a tickle in my throat that indicated I was getting sick. Wonderful.

Lunch time. BFF and I hit the gym in our building, like we normally do at lunch. We got in a fight about Oprah and Obama and didn’t talk the rest of the afternoon. Great. Add it to the list. The afternoon finishes out pretty uneventfully, although I hesitated going down to lunch for fear of more people seeing my horrible pants. Hope on the train to go home and when I stand up at my stop, I hit my head on the bar above the seat. Now, it was bad enough that it was rush hour and the train was crowded. What made the situation worse was that I was so shocked by hitting my head that I let out a very loud “OH!” Yes. Please. Do some more things to draw more attention to myself. That’d be great.

I eat some dinner, talk to Taylor (which was great because we had been playing phone tag for a week) and then rushed off to do this focus group thing and talk about Bedazzlers. That was fine, got paid for it (which is amaaaaazing) and then went to have a talk with someone. That was upsetting and not fun and it is what it is. Went home and started watching The Hills and was excited to see what Lauren’s “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” was going to be. Watched the show–no announcement. Then watched the live after show. The conversation went a little something like this:

Moderator: So Lauren, you have a big announcement, don’t you?

Lauren: I do! (to someone off camera) Can I? Can I announce it? Yes? Okay. My big announcement is ah—-

AND THEN THE DVR CUT OFF!! And it was late enough that anyone I know that may have watched it was already in bed! And if you know me, you know I HATE when my shows don’t tape properly. As it turns out it was a very lame announcement and I made the right decision to go to bed instead of obsess about finding out what it was. And I got through the night relatively cat scratch free.

So that was my Monday. And what a day it was. It is going to be a very big week for me with moving into my new place so “fingers crossed” (thanks Kat Deely) that everything goes well.

For the latest in celebrity gossip…. December 5, 2007

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….you could turn to Perezhilton.com. Or People.com. Or Pink is the new blog.com (what’s up with all these P’s?) But do yourself a favor and check out the new, the sparkly PAGESIX.COM!

Originally I was going to whore out this website because my friend Jarrett is a blogger on the site but in actuality, it’s really great. Their updates are smart, funny, and are coming in faster each day so refresh! Refresh!! Cause there might be something new in the last five minutes.

I’ve been working like crazy during my time here at work. I’ll be moving desks in the middle of next week so I’m just trying to finish up everything that the girl before me left. Most of it’s a mess!! In lieu of a fun and entertaining post, how about some new pictures?!! Wahoo!

Kido and I with penis whistles

I don’t know what I’m doing here….

This is my boyfriend T.R. Knight and his new haircut. I love him. I think I’ll call it a haircute.

Bridget and I on her birthday. Phase 1. Two more drunk phases to go. Love her!