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Gay football? What?! March 31, 2008

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Three things I enjoyed about BFF’s football game Saturday night:

1. The excessive lingering ass slaps

Now, I understand that the straight boys slap each other’s asses to say “hey buddy, good job right there. You had a great play” but the gay boys do it a little differently. Yes, they still slap asses to say “good job” but I noticed they linger just a little bit longer, they happen more frequently, and I do believe I saw a bit of cuppage at one point. Made me a little jealous.

2. This quote from the referee:

“Scottie, are there any more cookies over there?” Yes, ladies and the gentlemen, during the game the ref came to the sidelines and asked his homosexual friend sitting on the sidelines (apparently named Scottie) if there were any more cookies left. Absolutely brilliant. And for the record, all of the cookies were gone. A sad day had by all.

and finally…
3. Instead of High Fives at the end, the football players all hugged each other a “good game”:

Enough said.

BFF played SO well!! He’s such a fast little bugger. Who knew?! I’m happy to report that Team Eagle won and that we all enjoyed $3 beers later on in the night. All of BFF’s football buddies are really nice guys and I’ve had a great time tagging along and getting to know them. Who knows! Maybe one day I’ll even join the League!
Today is such a Blech day. A Manic Monday indeed.

In the Heights the Musical March 27, 2008

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This is the song that is stuck in my head from “In the Heights.” Do yourself a favor and watch some Latin Flavor!

100 Goodies Filled with Nonsense March 27, 2008

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Hello my lovelies.
Yes, yes, this is the 100th post on BriTunes. And just for you, I baked cupcakes.

Last night BFF and I attempted to win front row “In The Heights” tickets for $25 bucks and it was a grand ol time rushing through Times Square to make it there on time! I just said “time” three times in that sentence–woah! There we go again! Anyway, many shows on Broadway have a lottery–you put your name in a bucket two hours before the performance and you can win front row tickets for cheap cheap cheap. It normally doesn’t work out so well but this time…it did! And we won! The funny part is he won, and then I won! We only needed one of the wins but I thought “maybe Page Six would want to go.” Apparently it was too little too late and homegirl running the lottery didn’t let me claim my prize. As it was though, the show from the front row is somethin’ else. I do feel like you miss out on the awesomeness of the choreography and a bit of the lighting, but you’re able to connect to the actor’s performances much more. Lin-Manuel Miranda was in last night so we got to see the Original Cast. We also met the choreographer and the understudy we saw on Saturday as the lead. Great night!

What made it even greater though, was when I received a text from Page Six about the American Idol results. Again, 2/3 with my pick going home!

I bid you farwell Chickeze or as they say in “In The Heights”–ADIOS!!!

Apparently Cassahondra is in town but I haven’t seen her as her time has been spent between her auditions and EVT. Well that’s nothing new I suppose, but I would like to see her! She leaves tomorrow and it doesn’t like like it will happen. Slow day at work today as all three of my guys are traveling. Spin class is today…I’m super hungry…and that’s all I gotz!

This and That. Spit and Spat. March 26, 2008

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Oh my goodness ya’ll! We have so much to talk about!! Let’s get to it because I still have some work I need to get done before the afternoon is over. First of all, there’s a new header. That picture is of BFF and I walking with our wine on the beach in CT over Easter weekend. I LOVE it. It’s very “Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts” but I think it’s a sweet picture. Now then.

So Alanis is my girl. My favorite always and forever. She has a new album coming out June 10 (pushed back from May 20 for some reason) called “Flavors of Entanglement.” The big thing about this album is that she collaborated with Guy Sigsworth (half of Frou Frou, produced Imogen Heap’s album) and that is a big departure from the producers that Lani has worked with in the past. I had the opportunity to listen to the album last night and it’s amAzing! I met someone who works for AOL Music and he had an advance copy of the album so I went over there and we watched AI and listened to the album in between performances. I won’t do a track by track analysis here (I’ll spare you) but I can say with confidence it will be her best cd in years. It’s like nothing she’s ever done and at the same time it’s so her. I’m super, super excited to listen to it again.

Next. Rent.

Extension, bitches! Broadway’s 7th longest running musical (and my personal favorite) was scheduled to close on June 1st but due to the overwhelming ticket response, the producers have decided to keep it open until September 7th. A very smart decision as it sold to over 100% capacity Easter weekend and I can’t even TELL you the last time that happened. I hope to see it at least two more times before it closes.
And last but not least…American Idol!
After a night of fanTAStic night from David Cook, Syesha Mercado, and yes even Michael Johns, I had a really tough time figuring out who would be in the bottom three and who would go home. I have to pick someone though so my bottom three will be…
Jason Castro

Ramiele Malubyand Chickeze

Going home?

Mr. Chickeze Eze. I think that Ramiele and Jason’s fan bases will save them one more week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carly Smithson was in the bottom three again but I think that after last week any fans she has will dial and dial to keep her out. We shall see!! I’ve been right two weeks in a row, hope I’m not wrong now!

Now this is getting ridiculous… March 25, 2008

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It’s no secret I have jokingly referred to myself as The Incredible Hulk. I have a temper when I drink, a dual personality, and sometimes I look very green. Today, however, I have taken it to a new and completely absurd level. I’m wearing a green shirt today from Express–one that I bought two or three years ago before I started taking any kind of weightlifting seriously. Cut to the present day. The shirt is now significantly tighter, but still wearable. I’ve put on about 10 pounds of muscle and about four pounds of fat in the past two years. The shirt looks great on me when standing and is totally uncomfortable when I sit down. Whatever–I’ll do what I have to for fashion. So I’m sitting here at work and its been a crazy day and I’m super tired, so I stretch occasionally. I yawn, and put my arms above my head, and sort of flex my muscles…and I hear this rip. I was like “no way…” so I kept flexing and heard another rip. I look over and my bicep/tricep had RIPPED MY SHIRT! I know what you’re thinking: “Oh cool! Your muscles are big enough to rip your shirt!” No. Not cool. Because now I’m out of a $40 work shirt that I don’t have the option of wearing anymore. Combine that with the fact I didn’t get a lunch today and have to go to the gym after work and only have peanut butter and jelly to go home to and you’ve got yourself one big stinker of a day. Maybe American Idol can make up for it…HULK SMASH!!!!

Take a Train To the Top of the World… March 24, 2008

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On Saturday, BFF and I attended the matinee performance of the new Broadway musical “In The Heights.” Talk about being completely blown away. “ITH” is about a family and group of friends living in NY’s Washington Heights, which is a neighborhood above Harlem. From what I understand, it runs from 155th street to 191st street and includes 165th street where I stayed in my first “real-life” New York visit in 2004. There are a few central characters in “ITH” and they include: Usnavi, the bodega owner the show rotates around played by the much haroled Lin-Manuel Miranda (who also wrote the show and was out when BFF and I saw it–of course); Nina (Mandy Gonzalez–this girl’s voice is unbeleivable), the Stamford educated daughter who comes home from college with the knowledge that she dropped out due to working so much and not studying; Benny (Christopher Jackson–a little bulldoggy, but yummy all the same), the limo driver who falls in love with Nina much to the dismay of her unapproving father; Vanessa (Karen Olivo who I’ve seen in “Rent” and “Hair”), the salon shop worker who longs to leave Washington Heights, and Sonny (Robin DeJesus–the drag queen in “Camp”), Usnavi’s cousin who wants to keep everyone together and happy.

The show includes many other characters such as Camila (A Chorus Line’s Priscilla Lopez) and Daniela (Songs For a New World’s Andrea Burns) and they add to the ensemble feel of the show. The thing that stood out to me most in this show is the choreography. It’s absolutely like nothing I’ve ever seen on Broadway. The same thing can actually be said for the entire show. It’s a mix of Hip-Hop, rap, Latin, Cuban, Salsa, and R&B. So many moments in the show I found myself holding my breath because I was absolutely taken aback by the brilliance that was happening on stage. One thing that BFF said and I agree with him, is that in the first act a lot of the characters seemed like just that–characters. We didn’t feel like we were seeing the real people but actors painting a charichture of the “type” of person. I think that the second act, while not as high energy, accomplished making those characters more “real.” Even if you don’t know any Spanish, even if you are as white as white can be, this show has so much heart and depth, anyone would enjoy it. I can’t wait to see it again! Check out a link to the commercial for “In The Heights below.”


Hee hee….69…. March 21, 2008

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In honor of today being 69 days until the Sex and the City Movie….and my new BFF Jess absolutely NEEDING a post today…I decided to post! It’s very hard for me to post when I’m not at work–simply because I’m not bored enough. But today is a very special occasion. And now, for your entertainment, some important past events of March 21st.

*In 1413 King Henry V became the King of England. He was so bad ass. Who was he again?

*In 1857 an earthquake in Tokyo killed over 100,000. Those pesky earthquakes.

*In 1933 the Construction of Dachau, the first Nazi Germany concentration camp, is completed. You know, I don’t care what they say but that camp was nothing like American Idol camp no matter how they spin it. It was a total disappointment.

*In 1962 superstar, comedienne, and most importantly, lesbian Rosie O’Donnell was born. And instantly the world was that much gayer.

*In 1980 on the season finale of the soap opera Dallas, the infamous character J.R. Ewing is shot by an unseen assailant, leading to the catchphrase “Who Shot JR?” I’ll tell ya who shot JR…except I wasn’t born yet so I have no idea.

*In 2008 there are only 69 days until the Sex and the City movie opens. All around the country little girls and homos giggle…hee hee…69….

BFF and I have the day off work today and we’re desperately trying to find something fun to do in New York that doesn’t cost money. It’s harder than you’d think! At any rate, have a great three day weekend everyone!!

Hermit? Like Hermit Crab? March 20, 2008

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Neener Neener…I was right!! To tell you the truth, I surprised myself with my victory…I thought it very possible that a number of other people would go home instead. Carly being in the bottom three surprised everyone 2/3 ain’t bad! As per Page Six, Kristy Lee Cook is like my ex-roommate Geneveive…she’s an STD that won’t go away.

I had my first freak out about money today. It seems that I’ve been spending a bit beyond my means. I’d say that becoming a hermit and saving up is a good option but I somehow end up spending money that way too. BFF suggested I become a tutor…and I’m not exactly sure what parent would want me to tutor their child. These are the things I could tutor a child in: Broadway musicals 1996-present, Who has been on the cover of US Weekly, Gay, American Idol/Top Model, how to travel with cats. Not exactly the pilar of excellence this one.

I was hoping to do a really fun and exciting post for DC Doug today (apparently BriTunes has only a 65-70% “fun” percentage) but I just can’t get it up. So instead I shall leave you with this:

65% my ass!

My American Idol Predictions March 19, 2008

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I have to hurry and post this before I leave so that when the results show happens tonight and I TOTALLY CALLED it ya’ll can’t be like “oh, you so didn’t call it.” As it is though, this is a very difficult week to determine who will go home. My choices.
Amanda Overmyer

Michael Johns

And Kristy Lee Cook


Amanda Overmyer

I think that Michael’s attractiveness will save him this week and Kristy’s country fan base will yet again save her. Syesha, while my favorite performance last night, is always in danger of being in the bottom three, as is Ramiele. Still, I think that Amanda’s static performances and inability to perform songs outside of her comfort zone will push her to the bottom tonight.

Come back tomorrow and see if I was right!!

Introducing…the new Debbie Downer March 19, 2008

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Oh dear….it’s all so tragic.