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Oh No….I like a Country song….. November 28, 2008

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As I sit here being the only one in the office today, I can’t get this song out of my head. It was played for me the other day and I happen to like it. Do enjoy.

“Just to See You Smile”

You always had an eye for things that glittered
But I was far from bein made of gold
I dont know how that I scraped up the money
I just never could quite tell you no

Just like when you were leavin amarillo
To take that new job in tennessee
And I quit mine so we could be together
I cant forget the way you looked at me

Chorus:Just to see you smile
Id do anything
That you wanted me to
And all is said and done
Id never count the cost
Its worth all thats lost
Just to see you smile

When you said time was all you really needed
I walked away and let you have your space
Cuz leavin didnt hurt me near as badly
As the tears I saw rollin down your face

And yesterday I knew just what you wanted
When you came walkin up to me with him
So I told you that I was happy for you
And given the chance Id lie again

(repeat chorus)
Id do anything
That you wanted me to
And all is said and done
Id never count the cost
Its worth all thats lost
Just to see you smile

Live Blogging From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade November 27, 2008

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I’m going to hell.

Case in point: The Special Olympics Color Guard of America.

Have I ever laughed harder in my life? No.

Was this the high point of my parade experience? Absolutely.

Did I wish I DVR’d this so I could watch it over and over again? You bet your ass.
Look, you may think I’m being an insensitive and un-PC asshole but don’t judge me until you see what your reaction is after watching it. I’m willing to bet it’s the same.

This Thanksgiving Day, I just want to give thanks to whomever orchestrated this delightful group joining the parade. I think I found a new Thanksgiving tradition!!!

What I Am Thankful For…. November 26, 2008

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As another Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to look back on your life and profess to the world all the little things that you are thankful for.


Those little nuggets of Caloric goodness make my life complete


Thank you for performing at The Today Show this morning. I can’t tell you what a joy it was to walk by and see you there. It has been a while–nice to see you again my friend.

Thank you for providing me hours and hours of entertainment. And your updates are just so handy and entertaining!

*My iPhone

Thank you for providing me hours and hours of entertainment. And your updates are just so handy and helpful!

*PrimeTime Television

Thank you for providing me hours and hours of entertainment. And your new episodes are just so helpful and entertaining!

*My Job

Thank you for still being here.

*My Finger

Thank you for healing so well. You’re the best Mallet Finger ever!
*My Cats

Thank you for taking a few months break from peeing on my clothes. It’d be ril helpful if you could just not do that anymore, like, at all.

*This Fish

Yeah, thanks a lot. Because of your ass….MY ass is never getting into the ocean ever again.

*My Husband

Thank you for being so FRIGGIN‘ hot. I love you and the life we share together.

Oh yeah, and I guess I should be thankful for my family, my friends, and all the loyal readers of this blog! So….thanks!

More Fun with THE HILLS November 25, 2008

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You know, it really amazes me how fantastic “The Hills” is sometimes. And by ‘fantastic’ I mean completely fake. Last night Lauren lost another friend when Audrina accused her of sleeping with Justin Bobby.

YEAUGH. Yes, I’m aware I said he looks cute when he has short hair. But look at him here–it’s like a rat ducked in chicken grease. Anyway, Lauren and Justin both denied it, but Audrina was convinced that something happened. This led to many pretty faces by the entire cast.

We also got to spend some quality time with Audrina’s sister, Casey, who really is the prettiest flower I ever done saw.

Dayum. She’s one hot piece of meat.

Last night there was also an abundance of blow job face. Probably apropos considering the topic of discussion throughout the episode.

I also want to congratulate Speidi for their recent wedding.

I wish you many years…..nay, weeks…..of happiness!

Photo Bonanza!!! November 24, 2008

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Happy Monday, ya’ll. What a weekend, what a weekend. Between big birthday dinners, karaoke, meeting new and exciting people, catching up on DVR, and getting kicked out of parties my friends were attending, it was a big weekend. But omg, so much fun! In lieu of an exciting Monday morning post, I’ve got something better for you—a picture BONANZA!

In what feels like eons ago…Out100!!! Can you see how I was rockin‘ the Old Hollywood look? Didn’t even know it…

l to r. Brian, Luke, Brian, Shawn

l to r. Brian, Brian, Shawn

Last week in Utah (was it really only last week!?!) Patrick and I had a great time shopping and driving around in my rental car. You know how when you’re younger there are things that you associated with grown ups? Rental cars are one of those things for me. I still feel like they’re only things that grown ups use…and I’m technically a grown up! Weird.

During the course of our shopping Pat and I visited Hollister, also known as the poor man’s Abercrombie. We likened Hollister to a Haunted House, and here is why:

1. It’s really dark, with eerie lighting
2. There’s loud music
3. People jump out at you from behind corners
4. There’s shit EVERYWHERE
5. Scary foliage
6. Odd smells disorient you
I thought it only apropos to take a picture recapturing a particularly scary moment.

After shopping we met up with the gang for dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant EVER, Happy Sumo. Of course, group pictures had to be taken.

l. to r. Brian, Emily, Jenny, Pat, Joanna, Mary Anne, Conor, Jamie

And then magically Nat, Hiba, and Heids appear.
l. to r. Natalie, Hiba, Brian, Heidi, Conor, Mary Anne, Jamie, Emily, Jenny, Joanna
After dinner it was off to the Tavernacle! It’s always fun to sing new songs at karaoke but when you’ve been out of town after a year and a half, of course you have to bring out the old standards.
For Heidi and myself, that of course includes Britney Spears’ “Everytime.”
And “Another Day,” from RENT.
Standing on chairs, odd looks to the camera….we’re not theatrical in the least!
Mary Anne brought the HOUSE DOWN with her rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” and because we’re all nerds and were drinking, some interpretive dancing also had to be included.
l. to r. Heidi, Emily, Mary Anne, Brian, Conor, Natalie

l. to r. Heidi, Emily, Brian, Mary Anne, Conor, Natalie
I love my times with them because I can completely be my nerdy ass self. I know they’re not going to judge and that they love me no matter what and if I puke up blueberry vodka on my iPhone, they’ll help me clean it up. Good times.
Another special treat for me was being able to see Conor so much. He’s married to Mary Anne but we have this joke of me being head over heels in love with him. I can’t tell you how many “romantic” pictures we have together. He’s hilarious and a great friend.
You know, at first I thought “oh, what a miserable birthday,” when in actuality, it turned out to be pretty damn great. I was lucky enough to spend it with friends in all parts of the country and ended up feeling really loved. Friday night I had the most AMAZING dinner with Kido, Matt, Mo, Page Six, Spencer, Hubby, Scott D, and Beaux at a place called Rosa Mexicana. Amazing margaritas, amazing food, amazing fun, and amazing guacamole that they made fresh table side! This was not our server, but you get the idea.
It was super nice to spend time with people that have meant a lot to me over the past year.
After dinner the boys bounced and the girls (plus Page Six and Matt) came to Lush Lounge for Karaoke party part 2–New York style!

It warmed my heart to see all the people that showed up, stayed, and sang. I truly believe everyone had a great time!
Page Six and the football boys, Ben and Kelston.
Rachael and Lisa, who will be having an “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party in a few weeks. You bet your ass I’ve already been on the look out…
Times 2 with Ben and Alex….
And now Ben and Justin. Justin was part of Team Yellow for Scotty’s Birthday and I was so happy to see Gary and Michael at the party too (Team Yellow). Throw in Spencer and Ravey and it would have been a Team Yellow reunion! Love those boys!
And of course I can’t forget my girls, Bridget (and Mo in the background)
and Kaka Kido. Honestly, they made my birthday so special. I love you guys!

There may or may not have been a little singing as well. I may or may not have rocked a rock version of “Toxic”

And my other staple, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”

I’m such a ham, oy.

Of course we can’t forget about Poulous and Matt (who a coworker says looks like Joel Madden. LOL)

My ladies and Page Six closed out the evening with an awesome rendition of “Shoop.” I know that I jumped in there at some point, but have no idea where I was when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday such a fantastic occasion!

The party definitely didn’t end after karaoke on Friday. I went uptown with Kelly, Dom, Stewart where I was very pleased to meet “Boston.” I’ll be attending the Toby Lightman concert with him tonight and am excited for another fun time, Boston accents, and apple pie. Actual apple pie, not like, “American Pie” apple pie, ew.

You have no idea how long it takes to post pictures to this damn blog. Lol. I need to get to the gym–hope everyone has a nice start to their short work week!

Oh the Places You’ll Go November 21, 2008

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I’m baaaaaaack.
Who missed me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Well, my much anticipated Utah trip has come and gone and it feels like I shoved three weeks’ worth of activities into three days. I had a great, great time and even though my birthday was let down after let down, my friends definitely let me know I was loved and that meant a whole lot. I have yet to see pictures from my trip, but will share them the first chance I get.

I arrived Monday night and was up til 4am NYC time chatting and catching up with Heidi and Hiba (who is delightful and I am very happy I was able to get to know her better). Tuesday I got my hair did by Preston, went to lunch with Patrick and his future Mother-in-law, shopped, and then had a fantastic dinner at Happy Sumo with the whole gang! Afterwards was my karaoke party and I was so happy to have everyone there–it was seriously the happiest night I’ve had in a long time. I felt so blessed that so many people were able to come out (and on a school night no less) and was happy to see Spencer’s mom and sister among the attendees. I’m also happy that my brother was able to drive out from Colorado. Honestly, that was the greatest birthday gift ever and then he did one better and got me a gift card to Chipotle and some Lemonheads!

Wednesday I had breakfast with Pat and his new brother, and then hung out with Taylor all day. She and I have the most fun just hanging out and doing nothing, or running errands or watching tv and so that’s exactly what we did. She took me out to lunch for my bday and got me an awesome coat from Banana and new black shoes!! I no longer have to wear shoes with holes in them! Wahoo! Wednesday night the gang and I got together for some drinks and games and it was so amazing. It was just a room full of love, which is exactly what I needed for my birthday. There was a rabbit Emily found lost outside her house that she saved and was keeping in a box so there were lots of laughs and jokes about the random rabbit in the back room.

Thursday morning, my actual birthday….well….things didn’t turn out so well.


I woke up to my phone’s alarm going off, and Natalie going “what happened?!” Well, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant and then I saw it. Puke all over the table…and all over my iPhone.
Now I have to tell you something: I don’t usually forget things when I’m drunk. Also, if I get up to puke, I’m going to remember it. And Wednesday night I remember getting up to puke, but in the bathroom. I remember going into the bathroom, and puking next to the rabbit, who had left his box and was chillin‘ next to the turlet. I remember thinking “this is the trippiest moment, puking while a rabbit stares at me.” So I was completely confused why there was puke on the table because I don’t remember doing it AT ALL. But it’s the only explanation–it had to of been me. Emily wouldn’t have come downstairs from her room, puked on the table, and then gone back upstairs to sleep. I was so confused why puke was all over my phone and the table. Needless to say, my phone was pretty much ruined and kept shutting on and off all day. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced my phone with a new one, but that also meant I had no contacts, no text messages, no ipod–nothing–for the majority of the day. It’s the day people are in touch with you the most and you’re completely unavailable–talk about disappointment!

I was so hungover Thursday and I managed to be the babysitter for all the kids while Taylor was in getting married. Kids + Hangover does not = a good time. The dinner Kristen threw was really nice. There were two other birthdays yesterday so at the reception dinner they brought us out cakes and sang Happy Birthday to us. Of course, my cake said “Happy Birthday Brain,” but beggars can’t be choosers. After the dinner, it was time for me to return my rental car, head back to the airport, and wait for three hours before my flight. It sucked. Even the airport bar was closed so I went through my entire birthday without having one drink…which perhaps was for the best. I can really only afford one iPhone.

I’m having a birthday karaoke tonight at Izu so if you’re around and want to come it should be a fun time! I don’t know who’s coming and who isn’t really, but that’s okay. Like I discovered Tuesday at my karaoke party, it’s not about who comes and who doesn’t come. As long as you have the core people in your life there, everyone else is just icing on the cake.

Being home in Utah was interesting for me. I had a lot of mixed feelings about going back and about being there. Did I miss New York? Of course I did. Do I miss Salt Lake? You bet your ass I do. There are many pros and cons to both places and it was so clear how different they both really are. Everyone kept asking how I’m loving New York and in those kind of situations you have to put on a brave face and be really excited about it. Because no one wants to hear “oh, I’m liking it. You know, I have bad days and I have good days. It’s not smiles and sunshine 24/7.” Hell no! People want to hear “it’s amazing! I love it so much! Things are perfect!” But the one thing that I loved being back was feeling a warmth again. One of the main reasons I moved was because everything was comfortable and therefore I was becoming complacent but MAN, sometimes comfortable is REALLY nice.

I was able to snag some pictures from Bridget’s birthday party last week. Rockin‘ the bow tie, rockin‘ the bow tie.


So tell me my lovelies, how were your weeks? I missed you all very much and am happy to be back!

Overheard November 17, 2008

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“I love how happy the gays are today about Britney’s album……its like Obama won ALL OVER AGAIN!”

Amen Blair, Amen.

Monday, Monday November 17, 2008

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Ah, Monday. Monday in New York. Miss New York sure can be a bitch sometimes. I need to be eased into my Monday mornings. They’re a little rough for me and what I don’t need hear the minute I walk out of my house is construction, sirens, and honking horns. This is just one reason why I’m excited to visit Utah. Instead of waking up to these loud noises, I will instead be waking up to Heidi’s snoring and cats in my face. And I couldn’t be more excited!

I don’t know if it’s because I had late nights all weekend but for the life of me I could NOT fall asleep last night. It was practically 3am and I was WIDE AWAKE. I had tried everything I could think of to try and fall asleep and nothing was working. Then I remembered that I had a leftover beer in my fridge. Cut to me in bed pounding a beer and watching The Office at 3 in the morning. I then promptly laid my head down and fell the hell asleep. I’ve never felt more like an alcoholic in my life.

Perhaps the most important news of the weekend is that the new Britney Spears album, “Circus,” leaked to the Internet last night and I promptly downloaded myself a copy.

Upon first listen I think it’s exactly what Britney needed at this point in her career. I feel like “Blackout” should have been her “comeback album” but she wasn’t ready personally for that. While not as hard hitting as “Blackout” I do feel like “Circus” is a very strong album sonically, even though it is Brit Brit’s “poppiest” turn out in years. This album will be a fantastic travel companion on my trip to Utah.

What a busy weekend! Friday night was the most fun I’ve had in months. It was the annual “Out 100” party and I was lucky enough to be Page Sixs‘ plus one. Due to the fact that he had to be on the red carpet early, I met up with B.Burns and headed to our friend Paul’s place for champagne and predrinks. I don’t want to brag…but I looked amazing. Seriously, I was shutting it down and the bow tie was a huge success. Apparently the theme of the night was “Old Hollywood,” which I had no idea about beforehand, but I fit in perfectly! Everyone looked so smashing, there was an open bar, great music, so much fun! I ran into Hunter and Jeff from [title of show] while waiting in the VIP line and it was great to see them–they said I looked “dapper.”

Here is the lot of us in the press room after the ceremony. Not the best picture of my outfit, but you can kind of get an idea. Better pictures to come at a later date.

Saw all kinds of celebs like Adele, John Cameron Mitchell, Padma from Top Chef and Wilson Cruz (Right now I’m sure half of my readers are going ‘WHO?!’). Cheyenne Jackson and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child were there

and we were treated to a performance by Nikka Costa, whom I LURVED in college.

For all of you USU members out there, Nikka Costa is who we used to do ab warm ups to during “Cabaret.” MEMORIES!

We were also treated to the reunion of the hit 70’s band, LaBelle, starring none other than Patti Labelle!!!

Look how close she is. She and her fierceness were all up in my bizness. It was really crazy to be that close to an actual musical legend, and Oprah likes her so that made it all the better. LaBelle was the group that wrote “Lady Marmalade” and you know I got my “kitchy kitchy ya ya, da da” down while they were singin‘ it!!! Some great pictures were taken from the night and I’ll post them when I have them.

Saturday night was Bridget’s BDay party downtown at Happy Endings. It was SO great to see my girls again and to drink all of our troubles away! I’ve been fighting with Shutterfly for literally the past hour trying to view the pictures and post them here but my working computer is being an ASSHOLE and it’s not working so you’ll have to be patient and I’ll post them at a later date. Something to look forward to.

Sunday I packed all day, caught up on my DVR, and organized my ITunes. Page Six and I got some Chipotle and watched some Amazing Race before I went home to finish packing–always fun times with Page Six!

After today blog updates will be pretty sporadic due to the fact that I’ll be in Utah!! Don’t miss me too much.

For Doug November 15, 2008

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So yes, perhaps I’ve shed more tears than normal lately but this video is BEAUTIFUL. There is a school in New York where the choir teacher teaches his kids Tori Amos songs and this is one of their videos. Try not to be moved.

This Just Heard… November 14, 2008

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…on Paris Hilton’s “My New BFF:”

“People call me ‘Bikini Corey’ back home because I have earned it.
*starts to cry*
I’m not being cocky because I have earned it.”

I watch this show.

My life has hit a new low.