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Weekend Recap March 30, 2009

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Word to my homies. Monday morning…boooooo….

After a restless night of sleep and odd dreams (Me as “The Bachelor?!” What?!) here I am back at my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!! Honestly, it’s like a sign was put out for me on the way into work:

I suppose having an icky Monday morning is my punishment for having SUCH a great weekend. Friday night was my first ever giant House Party:

And no, Kid and Play did not show up. Damn! However, tons and tons of my friends came as did many, many people I didn’t know. Which was fine, but for a second there I was stressin.’ That was, until Page Six mentioned that I was starting to sound/look like the crazed hostess from “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Upon hearing this, I calmed down greatly. We had a game of flip cup going, and a game of beer pong going which made for messy floors but a great time. There was minimal damage done and clean-up didn’t take long the next day. Word on the street is that everyone had a blast (said one party attender: “One of the best parties of ’09!”) so because of that I say “huzzah! House Party success!” Didn’t take many pictures but the ones we did take turned out awesome.

Spencer, Norman, Currier, Matty Ray, and Husband. This picture took about 25 minutes to take b/c we couldn’t figure out how to work the flash on my camera.

As evidenced by this picture of Scotty and I. Great picture, lighting could use a little work.

And a picture of Steve More-O and also could use a little help with the lighting. Love me some More-O though.

Remember SH@Z@M, Norway’s hottest boy band? Well they made an appearance at the party! Unfortunately one of our member’s was in rehab so we added an additional member, Currier. Make sure to keep a look out for their new single, “Flip Cup of Love,” to be released soon.

I woke up in a daze on Saturday with a new, unexpected friend.

The biggest zit EVER. I’m serious, this mothafucka had a heart beat. I considered staying in Saturday night because of it (well that and the fact that my liver need some recovery time) but I ended up meeting More-O up in HK for a few drinks. We headed to Posh towards the end of the night and I was having a great time–until someone made fun of the friend on my face. It’s funny how someone making fun of your biggest insecurity can be a buzzkill. Homeboy’s still alive and kickin‘ today but the heart beat has subsided. Thank God!

Did you guys hear about Sham-Wow guy?

Sham-POW! Homebody done beat up a prostie! Apparently she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go so he punched her in the face until she did. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I hate Sham-Wow guy, but no one makes my ears bleed quite like this guy:

:::shudder::: Torture. Why does he feel the need to yell every time he’s on my television? Hate him. Look maybe my expectations are too high. I mean, after all, not every infomercial can be as amazing as this one.

Ah the Magic Bullet, you shall always have a special place in my heart.

Speaking of Special Places in my heart, Saturday More-O and I were chatting and were asked to come up with our top 5 favorite movies growing up. My list included:
“Troop Beverly Hills”

Or “Les Scouts de Beverly Hills” as I like to call it.
“Adventures in Babysitting”
Starring the INCOMPARABLE Anthony Rapp.
“Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”
And I love how Joanna Cassidy gets top billing…
Muppets Take Manhattan”

And of course….
“Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit”

Like you had any doubt? God, I’m predictable.



1. Anonymous - March 30, 2009

Speaking of A rapp I saw him in a beautiful mind. Man what hasn’t that guy been in.Pat

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