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Tuesday Tidbits September 22, 2009

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Happy Tuesday kiddies!

Last night was dodgeball and Team Stonewall did a little worse than last week. And by ‘a little’ I do mean……ai dios…last week we were 5 and 1, this week? 1 and 5. It’s hard for me as Team Captain to be positive and not be like “you suck!” to certain members of my team but this will be a lesson in handling my anger and super competitiveness apparently.

A few things for your Tuesday enjoyment:

I know, I know…I love Glee. Big surprise, right? But this is big! They picked up a full season of Glee so that means an additional 9 episodes added to the 13 already shot. OMGlee that makes me happy. On iTunes today they released two new songs – a Lea Michele cover of Celine’s “Taking Chances”

and Queen’s “Somebody to Love” which will be on next Wednesday’s show. Quite possibly my favorite Queen song, I can’t even being to express the CHILLS that I get every time I listen to it.

Go. Download. Now.

Dear Kevin Jonas,

I don’t care. Love, Brian.

Speaking of wedding’s, my dear Laurie is getting married in two and a half short weeks. I’m trying to convince DC Doug to come down for it since it will be relatively close to where he lives. And by ‘relatively close’ I mean a short train ride away. With Pat’s wedding and now Laurie’s it sure does shine a spotlight on the fact that I’m single.

My friend Sergio from dodgeball called me yesterday and said that he was taping Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in a few weeks – cool, right?

It gets better. He asked me (ME!) to be his Pop Culture phone-a-friend!! I’ve always wanted to be a phone-a-friend!!!!! Who knows if he’s actually going to need me but can you imagine if he calls and I don’t know the answer? That would be awful.

Speaking of awful…


And in “that shit ain’t right” news….

Taylor Lautner. Seriously dude. Please turn 18 so I can start saying inappropriate things about how frickin‘ hot you are. Because that body? Ugh. That shit ain’t right.

Dinner with EVT tonight. I’ll tell him you all say hi.


Props September 21, 2009

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Omg, ya’ll….it is Monday Monday Monday. I got a new senior banker at work (in addition to the three I already have) and while he’s a fantastically nice guy, I’m finding myself a bit swamped with all of the extra work. With that being the case, the blog might take a hit the next few days but hopefully I’ll be able to find a healthy balance soon.

Weekend was good – going away parties, birthdays, Emmy’s, dodgeball, and booze booze booze. I find myself struggling to catch my breath a bit after all of the excitement but I’d always rather have too much going on than nothing at all! A few props from the weekend and the Emmys:


to Leighton Meester for looking stunning on the red carpet yesterday. I’ve heard that she was on a few worst dressed lists but I thought she looked impeccable.


to Doogie Howser, M.D. for being a kick ass Emmy host. Seriously – great comedic timing, awesome jokes, and a musical number. An awesome Emmy host on a mainstream media program. And all of this from a homo! I’m so proud.


to More-O and Benji for winning “The Bum’s Rush,” New York’s version of The Amazing Race. You guys do know I’m coming with you to Italy, right (oh yes, they won a trip to ITALY).


to Jimmy Fallon for ACTUALLY doing something kinda sorta funny.


to Sarah Silverman, for doing something so ridiculous, yet so hilarious at the same time.

and finally….

to Kristen Chenoweth. A bonafide Broadway star, is now a television star. Gold claps, mah girl.

Hope everyone enjoy’s their Monday. I’m off to schedule more meetings!! (eek!)

Just ‘Cuz September 21, 2009

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Happy Monday.

Alanis Morissette. Just ‘cuz.

Homo Say What? September 18, 2009

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Now I really have seen everything.

Samantha Jones, in a wedding dress. Well ya don’t say….

It’s Not a Problem, Just a Challenge…. September 18, 2009

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By now I’m sure the BriTunes readers are well aware of my love for “Glee.” I mean, it’s not like I’ve kept it a secret or anything. What I love most about Glee is that even when it’s a slower episode there is still so much brilliance and charm that you can’t help but love it. Unfortunately though, I’ve come across a problem. The problem, it seems, is with Lea Michele’s version of “Take a Bow,” origianlly sung by Princess RiRi, or Rhianna as the rest of the world knows her.




TO IT!!!!!

Seriously ya’ll. It’s like, I turn on my iPod, I go to that song. I go to Hulu, I watch that song. I get home, I put on my iTunes and pretend to be Rachel Barry singing in my mirror. Please, please tell me I’m not alone in this. I know there must be someone out there who is sharing this problem with me. If it get’s any worse, someone might need to stage an intervention.

Hint Hint.

And now a little feature I like to call “What’s Wrong With Your Face??!”

Dear dude on the far left:

What’s Wrong With Your Face??!!

Dear Brad Pitt:

What’s Wrong With Your Face??!!

Dear Kristen Stewart:

What’s Wrong With Your Face??!!

That concludes this edition of “What’s Wrong With Your Face.”

Thank You, and enjoy your Friday.

30 September 17, 2009

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Even though I’m mad at him….

Happy 30th Birthday to DC DOUG!!!

Don’t worry about turning 30 Doug. Just think – no matter how old you are, I’ll always be younger. Love you!!

I Just….I Can’t… September 17, 2009

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To start with today, there is some very, VERY important news to report.

Um…..EXCUSE ME??!! Bergeron AND Sagat? On ONE stage? Hosting AFHV??!! Ugh, I die. You people don’t understand – AFHV is like, my favorite show EVER. This is big. BIG. Mark your calendars.

In addition to a massive love for AFHV, I’m also intensely in love with the Muppets. However, I just…I can’t….at this People.com headline story.

They then proceeded to include a FULL LENGTH interview with Kermit. Um…..you people know that he’s a felt frog, correct? Therefore NOT REAL? Of course, I real frog wouldn’t be able to talk therefore not being able to give an interview…I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just know that it’s a slow news day in the world when this is one of the most exciting stories.


Does anyone win on these things? Ever? I keep eating Skittles in the hopes that I’ll win one day but…nothin’.

Who watched Top Model last night?

Tyra tried to invent a new word: Smize. ‘Smize’ stands for “smiling with your eyes.” I just….I can’t….

Last night was Wednesday and you know what that means……

Yay Glee! Glee kids hooray!!!

Last night was a different kind of episode, focusing much more on Will and his journey, and less on the kids. However, there were some fantastic moments that I loved – even more on the second viewing.

1. Broadway Vet John Lloyd Young

Playing “Henrie” and missing his thumbs. Hilar.
2. “Will! If I don’t get some sleep I could miscarry.”

3. “Don’t you know there are no breaks?!! Not even for heat exhaustion or Chrone’s Disease!”

4. Mark Sailing as Cougar-loving Puck. YUM!

5. “We’re having a gayvention. That’s a gay intervention.”

6. Bustin’ Windows out yo car!!!

7. I can’t beleive Acafellas performed “I Wanna Sex You Up” at the PTA meeting. I don’t think that’s on the approved list…

8. Kurt and Mercedes’ tender coming out moment

9. “Josh Groban loves himself a blousy alchoholic.”

10. Sue to the Cheerleaders: “I want you to smell your armpits. You smell that? That’s the smell of defeat. And it’s stinking up my office.”

Ugh, this show is so brilliant. Survivor and The Office start tonight and let me tell you that The Office is hilarious – someone’s having an affair, someone’s gay, and someone’s preggo!! Dun Dun Dunnnnnn……

Oh Hey Matt Damon, ‘sup? September 16, 2009

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Last night as I was watching Jurassic Park…

…I mean, The Biggest Loser….I got a call from More-O. “Hey 2.0, what up? Wanna come to “The Informant” after party? The Informant is the new movie starring a new up and coming actor named….

Matt Damon. As much fun as an after party sounded I was feeling fat and ugly (I was watching Biggest Loser, after all) and wasn’t s’much in the mood. After a bit, I decided to turn that frown upside down and check it out. “I can sleep when I’m dead,” I thought to myself! And by ‘thought to myself’ I do mean that Page Six said that to me when I told him how tired I was. So I threw on my best bow tie, hopped in a cab, and a few minutes later was bypassing the red carpet to walk in to the party.
S’much fun! It wasn’t like the Harry Potter after party (where is the all you can eat candy bar?!) but there was good food, an open bar, and good friends.

Oh yeah, and Matt Damon.

You know, I’ve always been a fan of Matt, but never like, a FAN. I mean, he’s cute, he’s a handsome guy, I think he looks like, I think he’s a great dad, but I’ve never fawned over him like I do my husband.

So I’m at the party, just kind of mingling around and I decided to go find Matt. You know, just to get a look. I see him in the corner talk to a few people and I’m all “oh hey. It’s Matt Damon. Cool.” Then all of a sudden he gives the person he’s talking to this look

and I seriously couldn’t contain myself and started giggling like a little school girl.

Seriously, I had to walk away! I don’t know what came over me but I think that Matt Damon just won my love. Another exciting moment was standing shoulder to shoulder with this man:

who is TALL in person! And his wife is gorgeous. Oh Joel McHale, you shall always have my heart. J’adore. All in all the party was fun and I was happy I dragged my tired ass out of the house. Looking forward to a night on the couch tonight with Page Six watching SYTYCD, Top Model, Top Chef, Real World and um….oh yeah. This:

Yay Glee! Glee kids hooray!!

Something I’m NOT excited for?

Meh. Shankman.

1 More Year September 16, 2009

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Happy 17th Birthday Nick Jonas!!

1 more year….just one more year and ye shall be mine!!
But until then, have a happy birthday.

Reunited and It Feels So Good September 15, 2009

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I would like to congratulate “Intervention” for winning a Creative Emmy for “Outstanding Reality Program.” As if on cue, they gave me the greatest present EVER!!!!


It’s like my birthday.

It’s like Christmas.

It’s like I’m walkin’ on Sunshine!!!