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Bye, Bye Miss 2009 December 31, 2009

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2009 is almost done.
Did you guys hear Michael Jackson died this year?

I had planned on doing a giant BriTunes recap a la last year but I came to the conclusion that any list or group of pictures couldn’t possible recount the amount of fun and laughs I’ve had this year. I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people this year, and have had many great opportunites come my way. A few highlights of my year:

*Craig’s parties: Suspenders and Mustaches/Daisy Dukes/B.A.N.D.I.T.S.

*DC Doug’s February visit

*Britney concert/Tori Concert/Jason Mraz concert/Kelly Clarkson concert/P!nk concert

*Multiple drunk brunches

*Pat’s wedding

*Moving in with Page Six

*Laurie’s wedding

*Trips to Ohio and Wisconsin

*Trips in Madge (Paintball, Six Flags, Haunted House)

*Amazing times in Dodgeball

*Harry Potter premiere

*My perfect birthday party

*Pat’s New York visit

*Dodgeball masked ball

*Spring Break 2009 Part 2: The Duel



*Spanksgiving 2009

*Pride at Andrew’s house

*Blogging for Tyra

*Countless Karaoke’s and game nights

I’m convinced I know some of the greatest and funniest people on the planet. I’m so thankful to everyone who has made me into who I am today. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Tonight I’m having a dinner with the group and then we’re heading to a few parties, one of them being Anthony Rapp’s. It’s so crazy to me that 10 years ago I was in Salt Lake with Heidi and Ramsey and when the ball dropped at midnight I sang “5, 4, 3, open sesame! Happy New Year….” and now this year I’ll be celebrating New Years Eve with the man who sang that lyric on stage.
Truly a full circle moment. Happy New Year everyone!

Weekend Recap December 14, 2009

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Hoo boy, what a weekend!


Went to a few holiday parties with More-O and the boys. Came across the scariest holiday ornament EVER.

That’s some serious children of the corn scary Chucky shit right there.


More-O’s Aunt runs a dance studio in their hometown of Chicapee, Massachusetts. Last year More-O “created” a character by the name of Nicholas Nickelbee and this year he invited me along to see. Last week we came up with the idea that I should co-host with him as William Willabee. Cut to a few days later….

Imagine me and More-O, 540 people in the audience, and about 50 little girls dancing to “Jingle Bell Rock.” More-O and I played these over the top British characters, made jokes about Frosty and Rudolph, and did an American Idol and Dreamgirls bit. We were totally ridiculous, and it was a complete blast.

Afterwards we went back to his Aunt’s house and I got to know his Uncles, Aunts, and 15 cousins. It was really fun and really cool to see where my Best Friend grew up and why he is the way he is. My brother always implies that I order Apple-tini’s everywhere I go. This is not true. I actually don’t like Apple-flavored things. However, in Mass., I had the best Apple-tini of my life.

Please note that is my plate and it is almost licked clean. Amazing.


More-O and I were on the first bus back to the NYC becuase you know we didn’t want to be late for…..BOWLING!!!

Now last week I had the high scores, a feat I am very proud of. This week, however, my first game was a 107!! Terrible! I wasn’t even in the top three scores!! I played the second game though, and did a little bit better with a 197. 197!!!! That’s amazing!!! Best game of my life. During the matches we took opportunities to show off our shirts.

Fliritini….I can’t even….

My favorite shirt is Ben’s.

Mostly because the word doesn’t completely fit. Hilar.
Went to play some flip cup with a lot of straight people afterwards and despite some trouble between my Frienemy and I…

…a fun time was had by all.

I fell asleep at 9:30 last night. 9:30!! That’s unheard of!! Tonight is the dodgeball end of season party and if the rest of this season has been any indication, it’s sure to be a roaring good time!

A Christmas Story December 11, 2009

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Sigh. I’m totally Jenna.

Every year Jenna gets the solo and this year they were going to give it to Cheynne Jackson’s character. Until Jenna says:

“Fine, I’m terrible at Christmas because I never had a nice one. Sometimes my mom would take us to see Santa Claus but that’s just because she suspected one of them was my deadbeat dad. So I had to get on every Santa’s lap in the Bakersfield area and scream “you outta be ashamed of yourself Travis!”
And then I’d sing carols in the middle of Sears just to distract everyone while my mom shoplifted. And those few minutes when I was singing carols, that was the one part of Christmas I liked. And now you’ve taken that away from me. ”
So he sings off-key and she has the solo.

And I liked that part. And the speech. And I’m ready to go home. The end. Happy weekend everyone!

The Unthinkable. December 11, 2009

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Last night I did….ugh. I can’t even talk about it. But I must. I have to face the demon – confront my fears and admit my mistakes. Last night I did a few things I’m not proud of but…sigh. Here we go.
Last night I went to Brooklyn to hang out with the boy.

We watched Glee, got dinner, and decided to watch a movie. The movie of choice?

Adventureland. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kirsten Wiig, and…..

sigh…the face. Yes, I willingly watched a move, nay, CHOSE a movie starring….that one. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I truly don’t. It was that or Saving Private Ryan – what was I supposed to do? Where do I go from here though? I mean, am I going to have tea and crumpets with my nemesis?

Anyway, her face bugged me, she did this lip licking thing, and her character sucked. Brian, 1. The face, 0.
I’m also thiiiiiiis close to dumping the boy. Last week we went to a screening of Sherlock Holmes

and I bought a big bag of Sour Patch Kids.

You know me, I like my candy, I like eating things during movies – sowhatwhocares. Anyway, I ate about half of them and didn’t want to carry them around all night so I said to the boy: “here, put these in your bag and I’ll eat them later. It’ll be a nice surprise next time I see you.” Well last night, I saw his bag and I was like “ooh, yay! I can have some Sour Patch Kids!” His response?

“Oh yeah. I threw them away.”

HOMO SAY WHAT?!!! You THREW AWAY Sourt Patch Kids? WILLINGLY?! I just…I can’t…I mean…perfectly good SPK, gone. Forever. In the trash. Never to return.

Sigh…I knew he was too good to be true.

An Open Letter December 10, 2009

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Dear Taylor Swift,

You look like a man.


Glee-Cap December 10, 2009

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Please say it ain’t so. Please say Glee REALLY isn’t gone until April 13. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do but I’m so so happy we had such a fantastic episode to tide us over until new episodes come back. A few highlights.

1. Sexting

Santana: Sexting isn’t sex.
Brit: Yeah, if it was, Santana and I would be dating.

Uh…..excuse me??!!! This is a delightful little surprise I had no clue about! That Santana’s a bit of a hoochie ho, no? Oh Brit…I shall miss your wonderful wonderful one-liners. Sigh.

2. And I Am Telling You….

…that Mercedes is friggin incredible. I’ve heard some great versions of this song but this one might just be the best. And the moment that Rachel and Mercedes have after it’s done? Rachel giving Mercedes the solot? AH-Mazing.

Rachel: It’s clear the room adores you. And even though it wouldn’t be my first choice but I can’t wait to see you sing that song at sectionals. You’re amazing Mercedes and you deserve it. I’m gonna hug you now.

3. If You Wanna Ride Wit’ Me.

I see that they got Artie a ride to Sectionals….
4. Hi!

I love love LOVED when the deaf choir was singing and Britney waved to them!!! Hilarious.
5. Santana Has a Heart

On leaking the set list:
Santana: Okay look – believe what you want but no one’s forcing me to be here. And if you tell anyone this I’ll deny it but…I like being in glee club. It’s the best part of my day, okay? I wasn’t going to mess that up.
It’s the best part of my day too, Santana.


Lea Michele singing Barbara Streisand? I don’t know that it gets better. This performance was OFF THE CHAIN. The spotlight, the opening of the curtain, the interaction with the audience and then when the kids come through the back of the house? Ugh. I can’t even. Yes, Lea’s lip synching could use a little (lot) work, but I’ll just ignore for now.
7. “Ladies and Gentlemen, New Directions!”

This song/performance/moment made me very happy. Okay, I may have been sobbing during it while watching last night. In fact, I probably looked a little like this:
8. Don’t Cry Outloud

Aw, WILL!!! How adorable was this? The fact that he was dialed in so he could listen to the competition really had my heart feeling feelings. Now just because he couldn’t go WITH the glee club doesn’t explain why he couldn’t go to the competition at all but…..again. I’ll ignore.
9. This woman:
Candace: “Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it. This is a singing competition. I don’t know how those deaf kids got in. THey weren’t singing, they were like, honking. And everyone was crying and I was like ‘get off the stage you’re terrible and you’re making me super uncomfortable.’
I love her.

10. Love ya like a sister

Sue had some really great scary moments this episode and some amazing one liners. I may miss her the most of all.
Sue: “Get ready for the ride of your life Will Shuester. You’re about to board the Sue Sylvester express. Destination: HORROR.”
11. Dear Glee:

My life will suck without you. And Britney’s face in this picture? I can’t.
12. The kiss heard round the school

Will running down the hall to kiss the woman he belongs with? I mean, was I the only one crying? This whole episode just had the tears flowing, the feelings feeling and my ears tingling from all the vocal goodness I was hearing. I’m glad that some story lines were wrapped up, all the while introducing some new fun ones. It is going to be a LONG 123 days (yes, Page Six counted).
I know you’ll miss the Gleecaps, I know…I know….but I’ll be sure to fill you in on any Glee news I hear along the way (like how Idina Menzel is in talks to join the cast for 9 episodes…WHAT WHAT??!!)

Carrie On December 10, 2009

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Exactly WHO is Lady Gaga?? December 10, 2009

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Why oh WHY does Lady Gaga make me cry in interviews?

Don’t Leave Me This Way December 9, 2009

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Nooooooo!!!! After 13 GLORIOUS episodes, tonight will be the last installment of Glee until April. Why they decided to keep us waiting four months after the fall finale, I’ll never know.

However, it is what it is and we all must deal with it. Oh how I shall miss laughing at the funny things Brit says and giggling with delight over Finn’s antics and freaking out when Rachel hits an amazing note and lusting over Mr. Shuster and “hey Gurl hey”-ing with Mercedes and queening out with Kurt and loving Quinn and….sigh…I’ll miss everything. I’ll miss downloading the new songs Monday nights and watching screeners with Page Six and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. As it is though, we’ve had some great moments and some GREAT performances. A few faves:

Best Rachel Solo:

Rachel has had some amazing moments, and some amazing solos – Taking Chances, On My Own, etc. I think my favorite though was Take a Bow and judging from the amount of times I’ve played it on my iTunes, my computer would agree with me. I have to tell you though, once you’ve heard her “Don’t Rain On My Parade” you are going to DIE. Seriously. D.I.E. It is one of the most amazing versions of that song I’ve ever heard.

Best OMG Moment
When we first saw “Somebody to Love” I think we can all agree we fell THAT much harder for Glee. It was the first time we had all 12 for a group number and the first number that was really BIG. And that note by Mercedes at the end? I can’t.
Best Duet

No Air was great, Defying Gravity, etc, but in terms of pure vocal brilliance and comedic potential, Endless Love takes the cake. Matt and Lea’s voices blend like honey – brills.

Best Mash-Up

Although I reeeeeeally loved Crazy In Love/Hair (BLECH) I think that It’s My Life/Confessions takes the cake. The boys hyped up on Vitamin D and the combination of the two songs makes this a pretty damn fun moment in the series. A word of warning though – don’t try this at karaoke. It’s harder than it looks (right More-O?)
THE Glee Moment
I mean, it has to be “Don’t Stop Believin,” riiiight? No greater version exists!
Most Touching Song

I know the easy answer is to say Imagine, but the one song that really touched me (and still does) is Keep Holding On. Even though I never really liked the song before this, the arrangement, choreography, and meaning behind why they’re singing it is something that I j’adore.
Most FUN Song
HELLO – it’s totally Jump. You could tell how much they were having and in turn that made me enjoy this song the most. I still crack up every time I think of Mercedes sitting on that front mattress just waiiiiiling away.

Best Choreography

Even though Ben called this song “offensive” I happen to think it was a fantastic time. The amount of time it would take me to learn what they learned…I mean…I can’t even. The fact that they did a routine in wheelchairs is amazing and truly something I don’t know I’ve ever seen. Well, the basketball wheelchair game on Saved By The Bell came close…but Glee takes the cake.
Biggest “Aww….” Moment

The kids singing Lean On Me to Finn and Quinn. Totally cute, totally great song, totally great moment. Totally.

Best Overall Group Number

I may be jumping the gun a bit here….and call me presumptuous if you will but….I really think that tonight’s number at Sectionals will be the best one yet. I’ve heard “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and it blew me away. If the staging of the number is even half as good as it is in my head, I think we’re all in for a BIG treat.

I’m dying to know – what are YOUR favorite numbers from the first 13 episodes? Even if you never comment, comment now because I gotsta know if I’m alone in my choices. And if anyone says that “Bust a Move” or “You’re Having My Baby” was their favorite, you’re fired.

Hate Your…What’s Wrong With Your Face??!! December 9, 2009

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Something I love…a lot.

Something I’ve always hated.

And now they’re joining forces. WHAT?! Yes, apparently Corbin BLEW is joining In the Heights as Usnavi, a Puero Rican character. Um……….

I don’t know why but I’ve always been horribly annoyed by Corbin BLEW. He’s just someone that I want to punch, kind of like the lady at the gym with the really toned arms who’s always up in my biz. They’re not a nemesis, not a frenemy, I just want to punch them. Does that make me weird?

Last night Page Six, More-O and I had a great time hanging out at the house putting up Christmas decorations and trying to watch Heather Locklear move her new face on Melrose Place.

No, not THAT face silly!

Theeeeeeeeere we go. Seriously!! WHAT is UP with her FACE??!! I just don’t get it!!