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Duh. October 28, 2010

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Glee-Cap October 27, 2010

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Psst.  Hey.  Hey you.  Yeah you, c’mere.

Hiiiiii.  How are you?  Feeling a little naughty?  A little Time Warpy?  A little like putting on some fishnets and singing some showtunes?  I know you do.  Good thing I’ve got just what the Dr. ordered.

Get it girl. 

What a lovely episode!  I appreciated it a lot more after I saw the little nods here and there to the actual Rocky Horror Show.  Speaking of horrors, imagine mine when I found out this episode was directed by my nemesis in training – SHANKMAN.

Why I oughta…..I’ll let him off easy this time because I didn’t find the episode to be terribly offensive and there were some strong choices made.  And because I didn’t have to see his face and the awfulness that is him fake crying.  Now then.

Santana?  Quinn?  Santana?  Quinn?  Coach Beiste?  Santana?  Quinn?  Burt Hummel?  WHO CARES WHOSE LIPS THEY ARE!!!  (I do, secretly)  Ps.  They’re Santana’s.


I still stand by the fact that it is Quinn singing the song.

Rachel didn’t have much to do this episode (you’re welcome Heidi) but man-o-man she gave us a looooot of good faces.   And by ‘faces’ I mean ‘opportunities to make fun of Lea Michele.’


Yeah, those bangs were RIL bad this episode.  They were like, Mel Gibson offensive.  And how much do you want to bed Lea Michele makes that last face in her day-to-day life when she’s, I dunno, having an orgasm or is constipated.

You didn’t want to picture it, but now you are.  I know, I’m sorry.  Quick!  Move on!!

Ah, much better.  That picture is like a lemon sorbet.  It cleans my palate wonderfully. 

While the episode itself was fun and everyone wore costumes and danced (yay!  hurrah!) in terms of plot I give it a big fat

I mean, the Sue motivation?  What the HELL was that?  She wanted the Glee club to perform the show so she could do an expose on how offensive they are and she would win a Prime Time Emmy?  WhAAAAAt?!  I know Ryan Murphy didn’t come up with that shit!  It’s like they went to, I dunno, Meatloaf and said “hey Meatloaf, come up with a plotline for Glee.”  Oh wait.

Well hell, maybe that’s exactly what they did.  I’m sure Barry Bostwick wasn’t any help either.  He never usually is.

How freakin’ adorable was Cory Monteith in this episode? 

Those glasses are such a good look on him.  He needs to keep them.  Hey Cory, keep the glasses, okay?  Kthxbyeee.


Wait, Cory, get out of there.  This is the shirtless SAM montage!  Actually….nevermind.  You can stay.  I’m sure we can find…something for you to do with Sam and I…MWA HA HA.

***And this concludes your Shirtless Sam (/cory monteith) montage***

Hey Santana, how did that Shirtless Sam/Cory Monteith montage make you feel?


By far the best line that Naya has uttered her entire time on Glee.  I was rolling.

John Stamos was in this episode and did what he does best and yes

I am referring to him being on his knees.  Badump-bump.

More-O has good taste – hello, he’s dating me.  But when he said that “Sweet Transvestite” (herby known as ‘Sweet Tranny’) was the best number this season, possibly EVER??  I mean…

I know girl, I know.  I did the exact same thing.  It was a fun number, don’t get me wrong.  And Mercedes sounded amazing, absolutely.  But the best number ever?  I mean…WhAAAAAt?!!  Look, all I gotta say is….

KNEES.  Oh God, those knees!  Good for Amber for having the guts to put on that skimpy little outfit and get on out there and shake it but ALL I COULD LOOK AT WAS HER KNEES.  Why did they pick those boots for her?  SERIOUSLY!  Her knee fat is like, squished and hanging out!

There’s no need to get angry, Sweet Tranny of Mine.  I’m just be observant.

Knees.  Knees.  Knees.

Dancing knees.  Dancing knees.  Knees.  Knees.  Okay, I can’t.  I have to move on. 

You two are still thinking about the knees, aren’t you?  I know!!  I know!!  You can try to move on but like Lea Michele’s constipation that image just sticks in your mind!!  Ah!!  No!!!

S’much better.


What’s happening in that scene?  Who cares.  All that matters is the amazingness that is Matt Morrison shirtless.  He’s a mega-douche but at the very least he hasn’t rapped yet this season.  So see?  People CAN change. 

***And this concludes this week’s Shirtless Matt Morrison Montage

Of course Will Shuester can’t be totally douche-free because he ends the episode by giving the kids some lesson about blah blah blah I don’t even know. 

In the end they still do Rocky Horror Picture Show but not for an audience…for THEMSELVES.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  If I were them I would be poiiiiiiiiiissed.  Who the hell wants to do that shit if no one is even going to see it?!?!! 

I know Quinn, I’d be livid too. 

Still, Time Warp was kinda sorta fun.  Also fun? 

Watching the cripple try and do a ‘jump to the left and then a step to the riiiiiiight.’  GET RID OF ARTIE.  NO ONE WILL MISS HIM (just like no one misses Puck.  See?  You didn’t even notice he wasn’t in this episode, did you?)

Apparently they’re going to do RENT as soon as Rocky is done – Seasons of Love, anyone?

Quinn was extra adorable as Magenta.  Throw a big ass curly red wig on her head and Dianna Agron is STILL flawless.  Not flawless?

Yo.  Why in the hell is Tina’s face so p-p-puffy?  That is nnnnnnnot a good look for her.  Sorry sweets. 

I know ya’ll, I’m exhausted too.  But alas, it’s not a real end to a musical number until Will gives us his usual annoying wo–

Ah.  There we go.  The ‘wooooooooo!’  Whatever.  Go away Will.  Actually no, come back, let me see you shirtless again.


Despite all of the annoyingness and flaws, I still give this episode two Becky thumbs up

and am very excited for the next episode which promises…the girls singing Bon Jovi?  Yes please.  Okay, I got a Glee-cap out for you because I care deeply.  Make sure you come back soon ya’ll because remember:

And I hope you love me too!

My Tuesday Night October 27, 2010

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Pay no mind to the fact that I have crazy eyes. 

I’m mad street, ya’ll.

What did we think of Glee Rocky Horror?   I hear some people saying this was the best episode yet and to that I say “are you outcho damn mind?!”  Can’t promise a full Glee-cap today but you’ll get a little somethin’ somethin’ I’m sure!

Gossip Girl

Rock-y Me Amadeus October 25, 2010

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WARNING:  I am going to be busy this week so you may get an update, you may not.  You may get a Glee-cap, you may not.  Okay, you’ll probably get a Glee-cap just because I love you all so much but I’m warning you now that you are not allowed to bitch if you don’t get one.  But you’ll probably get one.  Moving on.

Such a jam-packed weekend!  Friday night More-O met up with me, Kaka Kido, and Matt for a few drinks.  Then we headed over to Elmo where there was some football thing going on – either I’m too old or the music there was too loud.  A very special guest joined us, none other than Lesbian Susie! 

I’ve known homegirl since like, 6th grade, and we sat next to each other every day for three years when we were in band together.  There was also a period of time when I had a crush on her which ironic in the sense that now I’m a big ‘ol mo and she’s a dyke on a bike.  Still, it was so fantastic to see her.  Unfortunately I had to leave a little early because a big group of us were going to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!  I’ve never seen it in the theater and More-O thought it would be a fun idea, and it was!  He “dressed up” like Brad and I’m sorry but the boy has never been cuter.

I was a little taken aback by the ‘medium’ popcorn…

But really, who am I to let things go to waste?

The viewing was super fun (even though half of our group couldn’t make it through the entire thing without either leaving or passing out in the seats) and what made it more fun was the fact that the night before I had seen the GLEE episode of Rocky Horror!

I don’t know why, but I really didn’t have high expectations for this episode.  I have to say though, that it was much better than I had thought it would be.

The numbers were fun and, for the most part, made sense.  You’ll be happy to know, Heidi, that there is very little Rachel and a lot of shirtless Sam.

Matthew Morrison does an entire number practically shirtless and my oh my he may be a douche mcperv, but it sure is a sight to behold.  The other sight to behold?  Mercedes’ knees in the “Sweet Transvestite” number.  I urge to try and not look because once you do…that will be all you’ll be able to see….

Yesterday the boys got together in Brooklyn and watched all three “Screams.”  This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for forever and even though I passed out during the third one (I had JUST seen it and I was tired!!) it was a great evening.  Like I said, this week is going to be insane.  I have to work a listening party on Tuesday AND Wednesday and then Thursday we have an event in our building that we’re working on too.  The shittiest part of it all is that I’ll be missing the dodgeball costume party!!!  I’m super bummed but I mean…what can ya do.  It’s work.  And when I signed up for this job I knew I was going to have to make sacrifices and this is one of them, I guess.  I suppose I had all of More-O’s birthday week free so this is just the flip side of that….

I got nothin’ else my peeps – gotta get back to work.  Word to ya mother.

I Saw Sean Penn Up Close October 21, 2010

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…and this is what he looked like.

What the hell?  Why can’t I have like, “Desperately Seeking Susan” Sean Penn?  Hell, I’ll even take “Milk” Sean Penn.  But I don’t know what the hell tranny mess that is up there.  Anyway, yeah.  I walked by the set of his new movie and saw him standing there waiting to shoot and that’s the gist of that story.  I didn’t care enough to wait and see him actually shoot the scene – I had places to be!

You know, speaking of tranny messes, More-O and I have decided on what we’re going to be for Halloween. 

Audrey and Seymour from “Little Shop of Horrors!!!”  We both love the movie and the musical and thought this would be a fun thing to do together.  The only problem is that I have to do drag again which, yes I’ve done, but the thought of doing it now just sounds exhausting.  I’m not shaving my legs.  If Mo’nique doesn’t have to, I don’t have to.  And yes, Doug, I’m aware that you think I look like ET in drag when I do drag

and while I can’t guarantee anything, all I’ll say is that I will look better than this dude trying to do Audrey.

The 7 Different Faces of Luke Perry October 20, 2010

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9021-oh hell yes.  I don’t know where these photos are from, and truthfully I really don’t care.  Their wonder speak volumes.  And honestly they show the versatility of an actor like Luke Perry that we haven’t seen before and yeh, may never see again.  Sure we know he can act because of movies like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “8 Seconds” and shows like “90210” and whatever Lifetime of the week is on but the range that he shows in these pictures is just….I mean…it’s breathtaking.  See for yourself.

Oh yeah, I have to also warn you, it’s a PRETTY PARTY too!

So this first one, for instance.  I mean, joy.  Just pure joy on that man’s face.  And you know he keeps stealing a glance at that girl’s “Heroes” t-shirt.  I bet you he’s gonna steal it!!


Nothing but pride.  He’s a very proud man, that Luke Perry, and no more so than in this picture.  He’s proud of his fans, proud of that guy’s double chins, and proud of the fact that God managed to make a woman who’s face looks exactly like one of the stones on Easter Island.

Get it gurl.  Speaking of girls getting it…


You can just tell by Luke’s face that he is appreciative of this person in his life.  You know they’ve been through a lot and he wouldn’t be standing there today if it wasn’t for her.  He appreciates her red hair, her gorgeous alabaster skin tone, and her stylish red t-shirt sweater.  Oh yeah, and he’s appreciative of the fact that she bought his doll allll those many years ago.


Love.  Oh my gosh, nothing but love in that man’s face.  You can tell he loves that pretty pretty princess and no one is going to tell him otherwise.


“Why is she so red?” Luke Perry wonders.  “Why is this grown woman wearing a Twilight shirt?” “Why does this white girl have braids all in her hair?”  “Did she just come back from the Bahamas?”  “Jamaica?”  “Cozumel?”  “I wonder if she went with her family?”  “Or maybe by herself?”  “Why is she hugging me?”  “Why are her eyes so close together?”

Oh man…that Luke Perry – he’s so inquisitive!!


If there’s one thing written all over Luke Perry’s face, it’s that he is one playful dude.  Headlock!!  Ah!!!

And last, but certainly not least..


You know the way he looked at this girl was the same way he looked at Kelly Taylor all those years ago.  You know the minute he saw her “Vampire Diaries” tshirt that she was going to be someone special and boy was he right or what?  I bet you he even gave her that gorgeous hair piece she’s wearing!  I bet he took one look at her face paint and gorgeous hair and he said to her” you know what?  I want you to come back to my room at the Marriott that Comic-Con rented for me.  Continental breakfast included baby.”  And really, isn’t that what we all want Luke Perry to say to us, even at this age?

Wow.  I mean, the range of emotions this guy gives us is just so….well…it’s magical.  I’ll say that.  Chant with me now:  “Give Luke an Oscar.  Give Luke an Oscar….”

Weekend Recap October 18, 2010

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“Come and get your popcorn!!!”

Happy Monday everyone.  I am st-ruuuuuuglin’ today.  I be hella tired and didn’t get up to go to the gym, which makes me a sad Mac.  How ’bout a little weekend recap, eh?

Friday night was, of course, More-O’s big party.  I thought of myself less as a guest at the party and more as Michelle Obama.  Yes, yes, I was the First Lady of that party.  Walking around, waving (elbow elbow wrist wrist) making sure everyone was having a good time, making sure More-O was having a good time, making tusre the drinks were filled and the music was flowing. 

It was a really great time and I know that More-O had a great time which is, of course, the only thing that matters.

Saturday after a little dodgeball and McDonalds (shhh…don’t tell anyone) More-O was in ruff shape from the night before so he passed out for a few hours and I got caught up on my DVR.  I am very happy to let you all know that I am….

all caught up on the Vampire Diaries!!  Wahoo!!!  I can now watch it live with you all every Thursday only on the CW.  I like Damon more than Stefan, Evil Katherine more than Elena, and Caroline more now than ever (if you watch the show you know what I’m talking about).  It’s like True Blood mixed with 90210 – a fanTAStic combination!

Saturday night I took More-O out for his second birthday surprise – to see Jordin Sparks in “In the Heights!”

That girl has got a ril big ass in person. 

I’ve already seen the show, what, five times? but I knew that he wanted to see it with Jordin so I was so happy to take him.  And his reaction was worth every pennyI spent.  I was so lucky to spend so much of his birthday celebration with him but happy that the next birthday celebration…shall be mine!

Saturday night I was introduced to a fantastic concept:  “What Would Brian Bahr Do?”  Then it dawned on me that the coolest thing ever on my birthday would be to give everyone “W.W.B.B.D.” bracelets as a party favor.

It’s happening people.  Accept it.

After an awesome drunk brunch Sunday morning, Spencer joined us for a little quality film viewing – only the best films make it through and I’m happy to say that I spent a well worth it $17 on a fine art film named…

Jackass 3D.  Hell to the yes.  I laughed my ass off and all I will say is “fighting midgets.”  Get into it.

You know what I DON’T get into, though? 

This shit.  My house got a mouse, yo!!!!!  You know what I say to that?


More-O saw that little bitch Friday when we got home from the party but I was sure it was just a figment of his imagination.  Then Saturday he saw it in his room and LEFT THE DOOR OPEN!  He said that he wanted the mouse to ‘go back to his home instead of staying in the closet.”  Um….no.  You trap that bitch in there, buy a trap, and k-ill it.  What mouse ‘goes back to his home?’  I ain’t about to have that mouse chillin’ in my room and having a Carrie Bradshaw experience when it falls into my hair while I’m sleeping.  No.  Homo don’t play that.  You know why I’m so tired?  Because last night I heard that little bitch scratching and he done opened the door.  Yes.  The mouse open the door to our room.  He was sleeping, and I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I heard scratching and then the door creaking open.  NO.  That shit was in our room.  I feel (a little) bad that I woke More-O up by yelling…but the mouse was in our room, what am I supposed to do?!?!!!

Question:  Does anyone have this game I can borrow?

Glee-Cap October 13, 2010

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Come and get your Glee-Cap!  It’s new, it tastes great, and is less filling!!!  Be prepared to hear about:  How hot Sam is, how much I love Santana, and Breadsticks.

You’ve been warned.


In case you can’t tell by the title, this episode is about duets.  Duh.  Obvi.  We start the episode by Shuester telling us all that Puck is in jail b/c he stole an ATM…f’real?  Wow.  Okay, Imma just leave that one alone.  In truth, Mark Sailing is in trouble because he has a solo album out or…something.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I didn’t really miss Puck that much this episode.  I’m gonna say it -Mark Sailing is an awful actor.  And he’s not that cute.  And he looks 30.  Mr. Shue does us all a solid and introduces the Glee club to its newest member, Sam.

Oh my God, Sam do me now.  Okay, next. 

The most brilliant part of this whole episode was how over-excited every person got due to the potential of winning the duet competition and therefore dinner for two at the amazing restaurant known as…breadsticks.  And no one was more excited than Santana. 

“Breadsticks?  I have to win, I HAVE to win.”

Kurt didn’t really care about winning, he more cared about getting in Sam’s pants because he knew he was a ‘mo.

Which he’s not, obviously.  I get the sense that he was hired to be Kurt’s boyfriend but as soon as the producers saw his chemistry with Quinn (more on that to come later) they decided to go a different direction.  So that sexual harrassment happens and then all of a sudden…this show becomes very non-family friendly.

What the WHAT?!?!  Girl-on-Girl action?!?!  DYKE OUT!!  Get it girl.  Brittany suggests that she and Santana sing Melissa Ethridge’s “Come to my window” for the duet competition which is, of course, genius.  Santana says she’s going to go with a different partner because she’s gotta win and get those Breadsticks coupons!!  Makes sense.

Finn has a convo with Kurt asking him to stop flirting with Sam because it will drive him away.  Kurt,  in return, gets a job at Dairy Queen.

Haha…Dairy Queen?  Get it?  It’s a play on words.  Cuz Kurt’s gay.  Yeah, okay.

Next we see Rachel and Finn practicing their adorable duet, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”  We learn something totally new about Finn in this scene and that is…

That he plays drums!!  No way!!!  That’s crazy!  I never knew that!  Oh wait, yes I absolutely did.  Annoying.  Rachel, in the meantime, shows us that she can give a ril good dose of crazy eyes.

The bangs were back to being offensive.  I was not offended by her skirt.

Hearts.  Because they’re singing Don’t go breaking my heart…..sigh….it has been a long day.

Tina and Other Asian were fighting because he only brings her to places with Chicken Feet salads.

I can relate girlfriend.  I do live in Chinatown, afterall.  I’m loving the two of them together.  Much more than her and this doofus.

Brittany wants to sing with him and be his girlfriend or something to make Santana and Tina jealous.  Or something.  I don’t know.  Usually when Artie talks I just tune him out.



Finn tells Sam not to sing with Kurt or something because he’ll be bullied or blah blah blah.  He’s going to be bullied whether he sings with Kurt or not, duh.

Love that he’s wearing a Ben Sherman shirt.  Quinn sees this happen and so she takes him to the bathroom and they do it.  Or she washes the slushy off his face, either or.

**Please note:  I LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER!!!!

Kurt and Burt have a touching heart to heart, blah blah blah….

And then it’s time for the first amazing duet of the competition!!!  AMAZING!!!  Love Mercedes and Santana together.

“cuz weez be goin’, to Breadsticks.”

You know these two want to win ril bad.

By the way, since when did Will turn into one of the lame teachers that are parodied on SNL?  Seriously.  Santana said she was going to win and he got all over-acty like “Oh HO!!!!!  ITS BEEN THROWN DOWN!!!  YOU GUYS HAVE GOT YOUR WORK CUT OUT FOR YOU, S-NAP!”

Calm yourself Morrison.  You’ll get a solo next week.

Kurt ambushed Sam in the shower lookin’ like a Keebler Elf

only to tell him that he’s going to be doing a duet by himself.  And probably to look at his junk. 

Then Kurt does a big gay solo and I get bored.

Why does Chris Colfer not have any teeth when he sings?  Seriously it freaks me out.  He’s like a frickin’ gummy ass grandma.  Get it together kid.  You do good work.  But get it together.  And cheer up!  Sheesh, I know you’re gay and lonely but you’re in high school!  You’re supposed to be gay and lonely!  GET.  IT.  TOGETHER.

Sam and Quinn have another adooooooooorable moment when he tries to teach her how to play the song

He tries to kiss her and she freaks out.  Idiot.  She’ll sleep with Grandpa Puck but she won’t even kiss Sam?!  Just use protection this time stupido…

Other Asian can’t sing but he and Tina have a cute little dance

Is it just me or was she off-key for like, half the song?  I found it odd.


Rachel and Finn were exceptionally cute this episode.  The way they were plotting to throw the competition so Sam could win and feel good about joining was pretty fun.

Brittany played rock-a-bye baby with Artie…

and then took his virginity because he “needed to get over Tina.”  I loves me some Brittany, you know I do, but I’m not so sure if I like them making her into a huge slut.  Easy is one thing, but now she’s just trampy.

Rachel and Finn sang a song about being “Born Again” and everyone was really offended by it.

Which I don’t get!!!  Seriously, what was the big deal?!  Shuester was “disappointed by it?”  It’s a valid costume choice for that type of song!  I dunno, I didn’t understand.

Sam and Quinn continued to be the most adorable couple ever and sang “Lucky.”

Obviously everyone was going to vote for themselves and Finn and Rachel were going to vote for Sam, so they won the tickets to Breadsticks.  Santana was NOT happy.

Artie made Brittany feel bad for sleeping with him…yeah I don’t know…

It was nice to see a LITTLE bit of layering to Brittany but like I said, stop making her so trampy!

Sam and Quinn redeemed their tickets on their ‘not-date’ that ended up turning into a first day.  It was, obviously, adorable.  I’m serious – could sam BE any cuter?

Watching Brittany try and reenact the scene from Lady and the Tramp was a particular highlight of the episode for me.

Rachel feels bad that Kurt’s gay and lonely so she offers to sing with him.  That’s sure to make ANYone feel better!

I loved this mash-up so incredibly much, I can’t even tell you.  It was gorgeous and highlighted their voices PERFECTLY.  It was so great.  Next week’s Rocky Horror episode has the potential to be a hot mess but I think it’s going to be awesome.  So far so good with these Glee episodes this season and Duets has been the best one yet.  I think I’m going to end this Glee-cap with a gorgeous picture of Rachel.  It just seems fitting.

Nah, I can’t do that to you.  That’s just plain mean.  I’ll hook you up with some Rachel and toothless Kurt instead.

Aw. See?  Happy days ARE here again!!!!  And why, you may ask?

Get it Sam, get it.

Happy Birthday Betch October 13, 2010

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So first of all, Glee was amazing last night.  F’sers.  I loved it so much I watched it once by myself, and then again when More-O got home.  It was the perfect mix of humor, good songs, and touching moments.  Unfortunately my Glee-Cap may possibly be delayed today because I gotsta give tribute to a man that’s made a big difference in my life.  A man that, without him, I don’t know where I would be today.  I man that lifts me up when I’m up, and picks me up when I’m down.

Clay Aiken. 

Okay, not really.  Obviously I’m talking about mah boo, More-O!!!  It’s his B-Day today so of course I gotsta get out a Happy Birthday Betch post, duh!!!  There’s a lot of different ways I could pay tribute to him, but I think it best that I share with you all…

The 13 Reasons Why I Love More-O

1.  He’ll watch reality tv with me

More-O lurves himself a good trashy reality show. So much so, in fact, I can barely get him to sit still during a scripted show.  Watching him get giddy every time “Survivor” or “Amazing Race” starts is a treat – sometimes it’s a trick, but most of the time it’s a treat. 

2.  The boy has got style

Whether it be a pair of red Nikes or a plaid shirt from American Eagle, More-O always looks goooood.

3.  He’s a tomahawk on the Dodgeball court

There is one thing in this life that More-O loves more than anything, and that is dodgeball.  More than food.  More than sleep.  More than me.  Dodgeball is his life and he’s pretty damn good out there too so why shouldn’t it be?  We’re forbidden to discuss details of games as it usually leads to a fight but the fact that he’s normally last man standing and I’m on the sidelines speaks for itself. 

4.  He’s an amazing caretaker

Back when I had my shoulder surgery I knew that More-O was the one person that could get me through it.  When I woke up I said (in my anethesia haze) “I want some water, a hamburger, and to see More-O.”  He was so amazing that day and continued to be during my recovery process.  Although he could have had an ice pack at his place – a Lean Cuisine to ice your shoulder doesn’t really cut it.

5.  Even he knows that a mohawk isn’t really his best look

I mean, hello.

6.  He’s thoughtful, kind, and pensive

More-O has so many great sides to him, but my favorites are the quiet moments when I see just how sensitive he really is.  Plus he’s not yappin’ in my ear so I can read my comics in peace.  It’s a win/win!

7.  He’s looks DAMN good in a suit

I love watching More-O get dressed for premieres because he looks so great in his suit.  Now yes I have to tie his tie and yes I have to remind him to wear black socks but the finished product is oh so good.

8.  He loves a good card game

More-O’s favorite thing in the world is to drink a nice big glass of wine and play cards.  I think that’s maybe why he got along with my parents so well.  While he doesn’t share my appreciation for crosswords, he has taught me the fun in some 3-card paired with a $10 Malbec magnum.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!!

9.  He’s good in a crisis.

When I left my bag on the train to Fire Island, More-O was the first one to take charge and help me out.  He’s scrappy, resourceful, and just plain smart.  Then again, he was the one that told us to transfer to the wrong train, thusly leading to my forgetting of the bag but….that’s beside the point!  The point is, he’s good in a crisis. 

10.  He’s a family man

One of my favorite things in the world is to watch More-O around his family.  The love he has for them is amazing and the best is to watch him play with his little cousins.  The loyalty he has for his family and his friends is something I admire and look up to. 

11.  He’s not afraid to act the fool.

Case in point.  I have about forty-five other pictures of More-O in various other costumes, get-ups, tattoos, etc, but you don’t want to be here all day, do you?

12.  He’s frickin’ Angelic.

More-O is incredibly hard to stay mad at.  I mean, I find a way sometimes, but it’s ril hard.  He’s just too damn cute.

13.  He puts up with me.

Let’s be honest – I’m an awful person to be in a relationship with.  I’m moody, I’m needy, I nag, I pick, I complain, I get ril hungry, I’m cranky, and I’m kiiiind of a bitch.  It takes a very patient and amazing person to deal with me and I’m so lucky that I have found that with More-O.  He’s one of a kind.

So happy birthday betch!  I hope it’s a great one!!!

Welcome to Splitsville October 12, 2010

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On Sunday, someone named Ben Harper filed for divorce from someone named Laura Dern.  He’s a musician and she was in Jurassic P ark.  Hoo boy, that was merely an amous bouche (yeah, I’m fully aware I have no idea how to spell it and I’m too lazy to Google it) to what was about to go down on Monday. 

I don’t know what it is about celebrities, but some of them, when I see that they’ve split, it just makes me sad!  Ryan and Reese, Brad and Jen, and now THIS!

Noooooo!!!!  They’re so cute together!!!  They seem perfect for each other!!  C’mon man, what’s going on?  Apparently Courtney said that she’s tired of being “his mother.”  I hear you sister.  That man has the worst case of ADHD I’ve ever seen and his fashion sense…I mean…heller.

This morning on Howard Stern David said that he and Courtney haven’t had sex in “months” and that he’s only had one rebound chick and that she’s amazing but ‘not without her issues.’  Um…..f’real?  THAT’S how you’re going to try and win her back?  By going on Stern and giving everyone DETAILS about your split?  Yeah…good luck with that one buddy.

While that couple splitting up makes me sorta kinda sad…this next one…

Yeah.  I don’t really care.  Good riddance Christina, you can find someone far cuter.  Go back to your old boyfriend why don’t you?

Yikes….teeth, anyone?  Anyway, the split is People’s top story of the day.  You know that Courtney Cox woke up this morning and was like ‘sonofabitch, why does homegirl gotta go and steal my thunder?’  Poor Courtney, poo Christina.  If they both can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?

And yes, that above statement was DRIPPING with sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.

Had a lovely catch-up dinner w/ my former roomie Dr. Mike last night and we downed some margaritas and played some Drag Queen Bingo.  Good times all around.  More-O’s birthday is tomorrow and so I’m just putting some finishing touches on his presents and hoping that all goes as planned.  It’s our first birthday ‘together’ so I want to make it extra special.  I’ve got some work things in the mix that may prevent me from going to his birthday dinner, but I’m crossing my fingers they don’t get in the way.

I’m hungry.

My friend Dan is having the shoulder surgery that I had back in January (seriously?  Was that only January?!) so I’m wishing him lots of luck and a quick recovery!!!!

Oh by the way, I said last week that I thought tonight’s episode of Glee was going to be a snoozer but….after listening to this week’s songs and seeing a few clips I might be changing my mind.  Peace out my peeps.  Let’s rock Tuesday’s world.