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Dog Days are Over October 11, 2011

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Hi Friends!

I know that it has been a while.  It’s so crazy to think of the days when BriTunes had an update every day and even Glee-Caps!  My lovely Glee-Caps, while I enjoyed doing them, have unforunately become a side effect of the “NO Time, there’s never any time!” syndrome that is currently affecting my life.  As much as I love blogging, work has to take priority.  But you know I’m here from time to time and that’s going to have to be good enough at the moment!

As many of you know, I was recently in Europe and it was such a great time.  Amsterdam was amazing, I loved all of the canals and my favorite part was renting bikes and riding them through town.  We lucked out incredibly with the weather in Ams and Munich – didn’t even rain once!  Oktoberfest in Munich was an absolute blast.  It was CR-AZY – so many people everywhere.  Basically I drank beer for seven days straight, ate way too many cured meats and pretzels, and learned how to live on minimal sleep.  Good times. 

In less fun news, I have to report that our family dog, Josie, is no longer with us. 

Look at her giving you side eye, she is so fierce.

Homegirl was the best dog ever – she was so fun with such a personality.  She always wanted to play and was a great time.  My favorite thing she would do is turn her head like she heard you and understood what you were saying.

She would always let me cuddle with her and wanted nothing more than to sleep on the end of your bed.  She was an awesome frisbee catcher and had so much fun playing with (and destroying) all of her toys.  Every Christmas we would give her a new stuffed animal and she would always parade it around proudly as if to say ‘look what I got.’

My dad says about Josie that her worst crime was ‘loving you too much’ and it’s so true.  Every time I would go home to Ohio she would FREAK OUT and be so happy that you were home.  She would get so excited she would just pee everywhere.  There’s something very special about having someone who shows that much excitement to see you.  For instance, my mom NEVER pees when she sees me.  Lame.

She was young – only 8.5 – but she gave my family and I many, many years of happiness.  We all loved her very much and am very sad she’s gone.  This is a void that will take quite some time to heal, but I know now that she’s up in heaven annoying the shit out of our old dog Bobbie.  Bobbie was a little more chill.  I think she’s going to find Josie too over the top.  We’ll miss you Josie (who am I kidding, dogs can’t read blogs…)


It folded!!!  Her baby bump folded!!!  Yo, are you deceiving me, B?!


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